Formats: There is a drop-down menu called Format in the Editor Toolbar., located before the Align Left, Centre and Align Right buttons. This provides a number of pre-defined formats for your text. It is important that all your text (apart from lists) should use one of these pre-defined formats. Most text should be set to Normal format - this is the format used in this paragraph. Other formats provided are Heading 1 to Heading 3, for various levels of header that you might wish to incorporate into your text. Click here to see examples of the pre-defined formats.


Styles: Another drop-down menu in the Editor Toolbar is called Style - this provides a very limited number of alternative text and background colours, which can be used to highlight small amounts of text.


Please note that the very limited choice of paragraph and character formats is a deliberate choice, intended to give the whole website a unified and unfussy look.