Before a page can be used properly, various things need to be done which can only be done by a Site Administrator. These are described here:

Adding the page to site menus

All pages on the village website must be included either in the Main Menu or the Guidance to Authors menu (without this, they will not appear on the Site Map, and working links cannot be created from other pages). In addition, all pages should be included in at least one of the Top Menus which include related pages for a single subject matter (for this purpose, the Guidance to Authors menu doubles as a Top Menu).

The choice of top menu(s) that the new page should feature in, and the location of the new page in the various menus, will depend on the logical position of the new page in the website's structure. Each page will have a logical 'parent' page, beneath which it will appear in the menus. Occasionally, a new page will be added which creates a new level of nesting depth for this part of the site; in this case it will be necessary to check whether a new top menu needs to be created (bearing in mind that each top menu only displays two layers of pages). If so, follow the instructions on creating a new top menu.

Having selected the menus that the new page needs to be added to, and the logical position within each of these menus, follow the instructions for adding a page to a Top Menu.

Once this has been done, the page will be visible on the Site Map, and it will be possible to create links to this page from other web pages in the village website.

Formatting the new page

The new webpage now needs to be added to lists so that it displays properly. Two things need to be done: