Parts of the editor

The Article Editor opens when you click the name of an article in the Article Manager, or when you create a new article. The editor allows you to define the behaviour of the page in various ways, and also allows you to insert or edit the page's content.

The editor consists of several parts:

  • Buttons at the top of the page, to save what you have done and/or close the editor;
  • Areas at the top and right-hand side where Joomla parameters for the page can be controlled. Other parameters can be viewed and edited by selecting the Publishing tab;
  • An editor Toolbar with buttons that help you create and format the contents of the page;
  • An editing area, in which you can type text and enter other types of content.


Lots of keys behave just as you would expect in a word processor. Click here to see a list of key codes.

Mouse operations

  • Left-click: Point to where you want to insert text (or whatever) and click, to move the cursor to that point;
  • Double-click: If you point somewhere and double click, it will select a whole word; treble-clicking will select a paragraph;
  • Selecting content: To select a block of text, click at the start, hold the left button down, and move the mouse to the end;
  • Right-click: If you point the mouse somewhere and right-click, you will be presented with a context-sensitive menu; this contains a list of operations that you might want to use. The precise list depends on what is selected; for example, Cut and Copy instructions will only appear in the list if you have selected some content.