A toolbar above the editing area provides a set of buttons for inserting, copying/pasting, and formatting the article.

The arrangement into rows in your editor may not be exactly as shown, depending on your window width, but the order of buttons will be as shown. The buttons are arranged into a number of groups, as follows:

 Copy & Paste group:

Select All - select the whole contents of the page.
CutCopyPaste - select some content and click Cut or Copy. Then move elsewhere and click Paste to move or copy the content. The Paste button can also be used to paste content from other applications.
Paste as plain text - this works as Paste, except that no formatting is included in what is copied.
Paste from Word - this allows text (not images) to be copied from Word, with some formatting embedded; options allow Word font instructions to be copied or not copied, and Word styles to be copied or not copied. This needs to be used with some caution, as formatting in Joomla is less sophisticated than in Word.


Re-edit  group:

Undo and Redo - these work just as you would expect, cancelling the latest operations, or re-doing them; the system can store and undo up to 20 of your last modifications.
Remove Format - removes all text formatting from selected text.
Find and Replace - these also work just as one would expect, allowing you to find instances of some piece of text, and if required to replace them with new text.


Character formatting group:

Formatting Styles - this provides a very limited selection of text and background colours that can be applied to small blocks of text for highlighting.
BoldItalic and Underline - these work as you would expect, allowing you to change the appearance of text to bold, italic and/or underlined. See the guidance on formatting text.
Strike Through - don't use without real justification.
Subscript and Superscript - these can be used, for example where scientific or other notation demands (for example CO2). Superscript can also be used for reference or footnote numbers, if these are used in more formal parts of the website. See the guidance on formatting text.



Line style group:

Paragraph Format - this provides some pre-defined paragraph formats. Most of your text should use the Normal format. You can use the Heading 1 to Heading 3 formats to create headings to split your Article into sections. Do not use the other formats provided here - see the guidance on formatting text for more information.
Left JustifyCentre justifyRight Justify - most text should be left justified. Right justification can be used where suitable for the content or appearance e.g. for numeric columns in tables. Use centre justification with caution, for example for captions or headings. See the guidance on formatting text.



List & Indent group:

Insert/Remove Numbered List and Insert/Remove Bulleted List - Lists should be created as bulleted lists unless numbering of the list elements is clearly appropriate. If you point within a list, and right-click, you can alter the properties of the list. By using the Indent button, you can create lists within lists. See the guidance on formatting text.
Decrease Indent and Increase Indent - the Increase Indent button can be used to shift a single paragraph (or a number of consecutive paragraphs), so that its left margin is further to the right. This is useful to show subsidiary or explanatory text, for example. See the guidance on formatting text. These buttons are also used to create lists within lists (see the guidance on lists).



Special element group:

Insert Special Character - this allows you to select and insert characters, such as é or §, that are not available from the keyboard.
Insert/Edit Image - use this button to upload and insert a picture (illustration, diagram, photograph etc.) in your page, or to edit the characteristics of an image that is already there. See the guidance on images for more information.
Insert/Edit Table - use this button to insert a table or text box, or to edit the parameters of an existing table/text box. See the guidance on tables and text boxes for more information.
Insert Horizontal Line - allows you to separate parts of your page by adding a horizontal line across the width of the page.



Link & Anchor group:

Insert/Edit Link - this button is used to create a link to another page on this website, to a page on another website, or to an anchor point on this page - see the guidance on links. If you select an existing link and click this button, you can edit the parameters for the link. This button is also used for adding tooltips and lightboxes.
Link to Document - create a link that opens a document.
Remove Link - select a link and click this button to remove the link. Only the link is removed, not the text.
Insert/Edit Anchor - an anchor is a point within a page that can be jumped to direct from elsewhere. For example you might have a long page with several sections; you can set up an anchor at the start of each section, and put links at the top of the page to jump straight to the section. This button allows you to create an anchor, and give it a name.


Spell check group:

Spell checker - this button provides two options: firstly to enable Spell-Check-as-You-Type (SCAYT), and secondly to do a one-off check of the spelling on the page. Make sure the dictionary selection is set for British English.


Views group:

Source - displays the HTML source code for the page, which can then be edited (by experts!).
Create div container - This creates an HTML "div" container. At present, there is only one circumstance under which this button should be used: to create the container needed so that a panorama or other wide image can be displayed and scrolled horizontally.
Maximise the editor size - use this button at will to toggle between a standard Article Editor view and a view which removes the Joomla surround so as to maximise the size of the text editor window.
Show Blocks - this button may be useful for expert users with HTML knowledge, by showing how the page contents are divided into HTML blocks.
Preview - shows how the page will appear in the website.
About JoomlaCK Editor - this button displays the version number and other information on the editor.