A number of key code combinations can be used to perform operations within the Article Editor. Many of these operate just as they do in, for example, Microsoft Word. Here are some of the most useful key-codes:

  • Home - Move to start of current line
  • End - Move to end of current line
  • Arrow keys - Move up/down one line, or forward/backward one character
  • Backspace - Delete character before cursor position
  • Delete - Delete character after cursor position
  • CTRL-B - Switch on/off bold text
  • CTRL-I - Switch on/off italic text
  • CTRL-U - Switch on/off underline
  • CTRL-X - Cut currently selected content (delete it, and copy it into the clipboard)
  • CTRL-C - Copy currently selected content (copy it into the clipboard)
  • CTRL-V - Paste content from the clipboard
  • Mouse double-click - Selects the word currently pointed at
  • Mouse treble-click - Selects a complete paragraph

Note that the ENTER key will start a new paragraph, including a standard paragraph spacing; in a list, the ENTER key starts a new ist entry. If you want to start a new line, but not as a new paragraph (for example to create a single list entry that is more than one line long), use SHIFT-ENTER, which simply adds a Line Break code.