It is intended to lodge documents and sources that have been used by the History Group, in so far as copyright allows.


We list a number of books that we think are useful for general historical research, or that we have used in our History Group projects, or that relate particularly to Sutton Poyntz.

Medieval documents

We have searched the internet and other sources for early references relevant to Sutton Poyntz's history; we have provided a short introduction to the sources we have searched (see also our short Glossary of medieval terms). These currently date from AD891 to about 1483. There are a large number of such references, so we have divided them into groups, according to which owning family they refer to. Where a reference names more than one family, if is given twice. The sub-divisions of references are as follows:


  • References that specifically talk about Sutton Poyntz or Preston;
  • References dealing with the Poyntz family who owned Sutton Poyntz from about 1212 to about 1320;
  • References dealing with the Chaundos's, who owned Sutton Poyntz between 1320 and 1361;
  • Referenes dealing with the Bryans and their descendants (Lovell, Stafford, and then Earls of Arundel and Ormonde) who owned Sutton Poyntz between about 1365 and 1461;
  • References dealing with the Newburgh's, who owned Sutton Poyntz between 1461 and 1514 (we will later extend this page to include the Marney's who inherited from the Newburgh's, extending this to 1526).


The Chapel

Evidence for the existence and position of the Chapel that is known once to have stood in Sutton Poyntz. Sadly, although it is known for sure that a chapel was built in Sutton Poyntz some time in the 13th or 14th century, and stood until the 16th century, there is no information at all about where it stood. Go to the link for some speculation about where it might have been.


Surveys of the village

The Dorset History Centre holds a number of historic surveys which provide useful and interesting information about old names for parts of the parish, the location of farms and names of farmers and other land occupiers, and land use. Other surveys will be added as they are transcribed.

  • An Estate Survey was carried out in 1788 (History Centre reference D/WLC/M 180), for Admiral Eliab Harvey, who was getting ready to sell the village. The survey shows a pre-inclosure pattern of land use, with the village divided into furlongs, each divided into very large numbers of small plots.
  • The Inclosure Report dated 1798 (History Centre reference P/PRE/SD 1/1) dealt with allocations of lands (lands areas, boundary responsibilities, and road responsibilities) for the Inclosure of the parish of Preston cum Sutton Poyntz. An associated map exists, but has not yet been put into a form suitable for the website.


Tithe apportionments

A list of land parcels with owners and occupiers from the Tithe survey of about 1837 can be found in our "People of Sutton Poyntz" project.

Census data

We have transcribed the Census returns that are publicly available (i.e. up to the Census for 1911) for the parish of Preston cum Sutton Poyntz, and other earlier documents, as part of our "People in Sutton Poyntz" project.

Births, Marriages & Deaths

Mainly thanks to work done by the Somerset & Dorset Family History Society, we are starting to include some early Births, Marriage and Deaths register entries for the parish of Preston cum Sutton Poyntz.



Also as part of our "People in Sutton Poyntz" project, we provide transcriptions of a number of Trade Directories for Preston and Sutton Poyntz, dated from 1855 to 1915.