Here is a list of medieval references for John Newburgh who died in 1485. John succeeded his grandfather, also called John, in 1483, his own father, William, having been executed after fighting on the Lancastrian side at the Battle of Tewkesbury.

The references are listed in date order. Actual quotes are in italics.


# Document Date Text Notes
[39] Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Calendarium vol 4
1483/4 John Newburgh.
Wilts. Rokeley manor.
Somerset. Barkeley manor; Fayre Oke manor; Northall manor; Skidmore manor; Wayfers manor.
Dorset. Wafers manor; Est Lulworth manor; Combekeynes manor; Wynfrith manor; Wynfrith Newburgh manor and hundred; Sutton Poyntz manor; Colifordestr' hundred; Stokewode manor and advowson of free chapel; Brodewey half of manor; member of the honor of Gloucester; Wotton Glanwile manor; Redeland land and tenement; Bradepole manor; Redehoue hundred; Beminster hundred; Wermewell manor; Turnerspudell manor; Blandford Forum, Selston, Wynterbornes, Warham, Bryanston land tenement &c.; Purbycke; Sturmynster Newton Castle.
Death of John's grandfather. The full entry (still to be transcribed) presumably names John as heir
  History of the Reign of Henry VII Vol 1 P608 2 Nov 1485 Writ of diem clausit extremum issued upon the deaths of the following persons: of John Neuburgh, in the counties of Somerset and Dorset and Wilts  
  Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Hen VII vol 1 pages 17 & 604
11 Oct 1485 John Neuburgh
Died 11 Oct Hen VII. Joan died 12th Oct.
Somerset. By deed indented dated at Northall 27 May 18 Edw IV. John Fitzjames the elder, John Carant the younger, Henry Long, John Fitzjames the younger, Thomas Knoyle the elder, Christopher Wode, John Wyke of Byndon co Devon, Master Henry Sutton clerk, John Savage, William Clavyle, William Chyke, John Calowe and William Assheley gave the under-mentioned manors to the said John Neuburgh and Joan his wife and the heirs of his body. Roger Neuburgh, aged 25 and more, is his brother and heir.
Manor of Northall otherwise called Ile Abbates, worth 30s, held of the lord of Cory Malet. Manor of Moretown, worth 5 marks, held of the lord of North Cory. Manor of Chaddemede worth 3 marks held of Nicholas Bluet lord of Northe Pederton by 5s rent.
Dorset. By deed dated at Est Lulworth 12 Sept 11 Edw IV, John Neuburgh the elder, his grandfather, gave the undermentioned manors hundreds and advowsons of Est Lulworth, Combe Keynes, Wynfryth, Sutton Poyntz, Stokewode and Brodeweye to John Fitzjames and others, his feoffees, who received pardon for acquiring the same by letters patent 8 July 2 Ric III and again 29 Jan 1 Hen VII.
By deed dated at Bradpole 20 Nov 21 Edw IV, his said grandfather gave the undermentioned manor of Bradpole, the water-mill there, and the hundreds of Redehone and Bemyster to John Fitzjames the elder, Master Richard Fitzjames clerk, Henry Long, Master Henry Sutton clk, John Savage, John Neuburgh and Thomas Neuburgh his sons, Thomas Knoyle, John Fitzjames the younger, John Calowe and William Assheley.
The said John Neuburgh the elder died Tuesday after the feast of the Annunciation 1 Ric III and the said John Neuburgh named in the writ was his cousin and heir viz son of William Neuburgh knight his son.
He died Tuesday 11 Oct last. Roger Neuburgh aged 25 and more is his brother and heir.
Dorset. Manor of Est Lulworth, worth 6 marks held of the king by two parts of a knight's fee. Manor of Combe Keynes worth 6 marks held of the king by 1/4 of a knt's fee.
Manor of Wynfryth Neuburgh with the hundred there worth £10 held of the king in chief by service of giving water for the king's hands on Christmas day and he shall have the silver basins from which he gave the water. Manor of Sutton Poyntz with the hundred of Colyfordes Tre, the manor of Stokewode with the advowson of the free chapel there, and a moiety of the manor of Brodewey, with lands and tenements in Rodelond beside Brodewey, worth 20 marks, held of the honor of Gloucester as of the manor of Cranborn.
Manor of Bradpole worth 40 marks held of the Lord Hastynges as of the manor of Chuton co Somerset.
A water-mill in Bradepole worth 20s held of the king in socage by a rent of 6s 8d payable to the sheriff. The hundreds of Redehone and Bemyster worth 100s held of the king by grand serjeanty.
Wilts. By deed dated at Rokeleye 10 Sept 11 Edw IV John Neuburgh the elder esq his grandfather gave the u-m manor to John Fitzjames the elder and others. His said grandfather died Tuesday after the feast of the ann. 1 Ric III, to whom he was heir viz son of William Neuburgh knt his son.
Manor of Rokeley worth 10 marks held of the Abbess of Amysbury.


He died 8 October 1 Hen VII, seised of the under-mentioned manors in fee. Roger Neuburghe knight is his brother and heir and is aged 40 and more.
Dorset. Manor of Sutton Poynes, worth £24, held of the king as of the honor of Gloucester, by knight-service viz by ½ of a knight's fee. Manor of Wynterbourne Martyn, worth 310, held of the king as of his manor of Mersshewode, by service of ½ of a knight's fee.
Death of John Newburgh in 1485, holding the manor of Sutton Poyntz.

This John Newburgh died without children - his brother Roger Newburgh was his heir.