There are only a very few original references to this Nicholas Poyntz, who was the first Poyntz who definitely owned Sutton Poyntz,  between some time before 1212 and his death in about 1222. Just one reference shows that he owned Sutton Poyntz; several references are unclear in their meaning, and we have not found any definite evidence of when this Nicholas Poyntz died, although he almost certainly died after his son Hugh.

According to Burke's Peerage, Nicholas married twice, firstly to Juliana, sister and heir of Robert Bardolf, and secondly to Joan who had previously been married to Walter de Trailly and then Robert d'Aubigny of Bedfordshire.

Nicholas owned land valued at 7 knight's fees in Gloucestershire (not listed in any of the direct references), Sutton Poyntz in Dorset, and part of Camberwell in Surrey. They are all shown as "of the honour of Gloucester", meaning they were lands historically held by the Earls of Gloucester, although Sutton Poyntz was shown as held by Nicholas "in chief", direct from the King.

The few entries for this Nicholas Poyntz are given in date order. Actual quotes are in italics.


# Document Date Text Notes
  Fine Rolls [h]
Fine Rolls of John p159
1201 Gloucester. Nicholas Puinz gives 4 marks for the same. Holds 7 knight's fees of the same. Context needs more research.
  Cartae Baronum [c] 1201 Gloucestershire. Of the Honour of Gloucester, via Robert la Were. Nicholas Poinz, 7 knights.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
Fine Rolls of John p279
1205 Dorset. Nicholas Puinz of 20 marks. No information on the context
  Cartae Baronum [c] 1210 Surrey. Nicholas Pounz, three parts of the honour of Gloucester.  
  Cartae Baronum [c] 1211 Gloucestershire. Of the Honour of Gloucester. Nicholas Puinz, 7 knights and 3 parts  
[3] Testa de Nevill [d] 1212 Surrey. Nicholas Poyntz holds 3 parts of one knight's fee in Camberwell of the foresaid honor [Gloucestershire], and Duke William [of Gloucester] gave these 3 parts to the ancestors of Nicholas.


Dorset. Nicholas Poyntz holds Sutton with attachments in the honor of Gloucester which holds his vassalhood, and makes his services to the lord King
The first entry here must refer to William Fitz-Robert, 2nd Earl of Gloucester, who was Earl from 1147 to 1183.

The second entry is the earliest that associates Sutton Poyntz with the Poyntz family. There is a question mark about when this Nicholas Poyntz died - we have not found any definitive reference.  Genealogies suggest that he died in 1222, after his son Hugh.
  Fine Rolls [h]
3 Henry III/131
29 Jan 1219 Nicholas Poinz and Joan, his wife, give the king 5 marks for having a weekly market on Thursdays at their manor of Ampthill, unless the market etc. Order to the sheriff of Bedfordshire to take security from Nicholas and Joan for the aforesaid 5 marks to the king’s use. Witness P. bishop of Winchester. This presumably relates to land held by Joan as dower from a previous marriage.