Here is a list of all the medieval references for the second Nicholas Poyntz the grandson of the first Poyntz known to have held Sutton Poyntz. He was a minor when his grandfather died in about 1222 (his father having already died), so became a ward until he reached the age of 21, some time between 1238 and 1242. Some of his inheritance was held by his mother, Helewise, until her death in 1232; under the customs of the time, she was entitled to one third of the lands, as dower after her husband's death.

From Burke's Peerage, Nicholas married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Timothy Dyall. At Nicholas's death in 1273, he held lands in Gloucestershire, Somerset, Dorset (including Sutton Poyntz), Kent and Cambridgeshire, some inherited from his mother. 

These references are listed in date order. Actual quotes are in italics.

# Document Date Text Notes
  Fine Rolls [h]
9 Henry III/228
1 Jul
The king has taken the homage of Jordan Foliot, Isolda de Gray and Ralph Paynel for the portions that fall to them of the lands formerly of Robert Bardolf, their uncle, which he held of the king in chief. Order to the sheriff of Kent that, having accepted security from them for rendering as much of their relief to the king as they ought to render by judgement of the king’s court, he is to cause them to have full seisin of their portions of the aforesaid lands in his bailiwick falling to them by inheritance. Having also accepted security from Robert Wolf, in the place of Matilda Bardolf, his mother, who is one of the heirs of the aforesaid Robert, for rendering as much of her relief as pertains to her, similarly, for her part of the lands formerly of the same Robert, he is to cause the same Robert to have full seisin in the place of his mother for the portion falling to her by inheritance of the aforesaid lands. He is, however, to keep safely the portion falling to the son and heir of Hugh Poinz, who is similarly one of the heirs of the same Robert and is under age and in the custody of the king, until the king orders otherwise.
It is written in the same manner to the sheriffs of Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, excepting security.
Distribution of the property of Robert Bardolf. Nicholas Poyntz (shown here as Hugh's son) is one of the heirs, being Robert's great-nephew, but Nicholas is still a minor and a warden of the king.
  Fine Rolls [h]
9 Henry III/233
5 Jul
G. de Clare, earl of Gloucester, has made fine with the king by £200 for having the custody of the land and the marriage of the son and heir of Hugh Poinz, who is one of the heirs of Robert Bardolf, of which £200 he is to render £100 to the king at Michaelmas in the ninth year and the other £100 at Easter next following in the tenth year. Order to cause the earl to have full seisin of all of the portion that falls to the heir of the lands formerly of the aforesaid Robert which is in his hand. An order that the Earl of Gloucester is to be guardian to Nicholas, and is to take possession of his lands while he is still a minor. Some of these lands had been inherited from Robert Bardolf (Hugh's great-uncle) who had recently died.
Being guardian to a land-owner was clearly a worthwhile job. Nevertheless, later orders (e.g. 11/22, 11/201, 16/240, 17/135 - see below) made the payment terms easier.
  Fine Rolls [h]
11 Henry III/22
12 Nov 1226 Order to the barons of the Exchequer to place in respite, until 15 days from Hilary in the eleventh year, the demand of £25 that they make by summons of the Exchequer for a fine that he (sic.) made with the king for G. earl of Gloucester for the son and heir of Hugh Poinz.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
11 Henry III/201
20 Apr 1227 To the barons of the Exchequer. The king has granted that, of the £200 which Ralph fitz Nicholas owes him for the custody of the lands and heirs of Hugh Poinz and Robert son of William, and for the marriage of the same heirs, he may render £30 per annum, namely £15 at the Exchequer of Michaelmas and £15 at the Exchequer of Easter, until the aforesaid £200 are paid to the king.  
  Testa de Nevill [d] 1227 Kent. Hundred of Hoo. They say that Nicholas son of Hugh Poyntz is under age, and is and should be in the care of the lord King, and the earl of Gloucester has his care from the gift of the lord King, and is worth £40 per year  
  Close Rolls [f]
1227-31 page 306
1230 For Ralph son of Nicholas – The sheriff of Gloucestershire is ordered not to compel the men of Swell, tenants of the heir of Hugh Poyntz who is in the guardianship of Ralph son of Nicholas, to give more for view of frankpledge than was customary in the time of Henry the king’s grandfather, Richard the king’s uncle and John the king’s father up to the time that Ralph Musard had custody of the county of Gloucestershire.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1227-31 page 411
1230 [A pardon for Ralph son of Nicholas from various debts he owes to the king, including a debt of £100 related to the properties of the heir of Hugh Poinz]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1231-34 page 34
1232 For Ralph son of Nicholas – The king is given to understand on behalf of the heir of Hugh Poinz that, in respect of the tenement that Philip de Sarmunvill holds of the king in chief by serjeanty, the sheriff of Somerset and Dorset has taken into the king’s hand land, in Langeton, Everwaie and Radeslouper, that Philip ought to hold of the foresaid heir for knight’s service. Since, however, by reason of the tenement held of us for this serjeanty, does not give the king custody of the other tenements held for military service, the said sheriff is ordered, if this is so, to restore full seisin in the said land to Ralph son of Nicholas, guardian of the said heir.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1231-34 page 169
1232 For Ralph son of Nicholas – For 100s. per year, (previously rendered by Robert de Muscegros G., the former earl of Gloucester, as dower of his wife for land in Sutton), the king grants to Ralph son of Nicholas custody of the land and heir of Hugh Poinz that is the inheritance of Nicholas Poinz, son and heir of the said Hugh, and then of Hubert de Burgo, as long as custody of the land and heir is in the hand of the foresaid earl, to hold until the foresaid Nicholas de Poinz is of age, to whom the foresaid 100s. should revert when he is of full age. P de Rival is ordered that for the foresaid 100s., Ralph should be made to have seisin as stated above.
And the same Robert de Muscegos is ordered that the said Ralph stands auditable and responsible for the foresaid 100s., as stated above.
Grant of land in Sutton Poyntz to the guardian of Nicholas Poyntz, that was held by Robert and Helewise Musgrave as dower.
  Fine Rolls [h]
16 Henry III/240
28 Sep 1232 Likewise [i.e. order for respite of depts until one month after Michaelmas] to the sheriff of Gloucestershire, concerning the demand he makes for the debts of Nicholas Poinz and Hugh Poinz.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
17 Henry III/135
27 Feb 1233 Order to the sheriff of Gloucestershire that since the king has given respite to Ralph fitz Nicholas, until one month from Easter in the seventeenth year, from the 6 m. that are exacted from him by summons of the Exchequer for the scutage of Poitou from the time of King John, the king’s father, by reason of the lands of Nicholas Poinz, which are in the custody of the same Ralph, he is to permit him to have peace in the meantime.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1231-34 page 501
1234 For Ralph son of Nicholas – The king greets the sheriff of Gloucester. We pray you that the request for 30 marcs, made to the beloved and faithful Ralph son of Nicholas by Exchequer in a summons to Hugh Poinz, whose heir in in the guardianship of the said Ralph, should be placed in respite until fifteen days from the feast of St Michael, in the 18th year of our reign. Relief of a debt incurred by Hugh Poyntz
  Fine Rolls [h]
20 Henry III/138
5 Feb
For Nicholas Poinz and his parceners. The king has rendered the manor of Bromsgrove to Nicholas Poinz and his parceners as their right and inheritance, they then rendering each year to the king and his heirs at the Exchequer the same farm that William de Furneaux, who is dead, was accustomed to render each year at the Exchequer. Order to the sheriff of Worcestershire to cause Nicholas and his parceners to have full seisin of the aforesaid manor with its appurtenances without delay, as aforesaid, the king and his heirs having retained the advowson of the church of the same manor in their hand. Grant by the King of the manor of Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to Nicholas Poyntz, the previous holder having died.

There are no later references to Bromsgrove, and this may be a different Nicholas Poyntz.
  Testa de Nevill [d] 1238 Kent. Hoo Hundred. They say that Nicholas Poinz was the ward of the lord king, who gave custody to Gilbert then earl of Gloucester, and the earl gave the custody to Ralph son of Nicholas; the land is valued at £40.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1237-42 page 218
1240 John Byset is ordered to provide Nicholas Poinz with 4 oaks in the forest of Blakemor, as a gift.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1237-42 page 355
12 May
The king to the touring justices in the county of Surrey, greetings. Know that Joan wife of Ralph le Waleys, who is said to be weak, came before us on the Friday next before the feast of Holy Trinity, and petitioned for the land that the same Ralph redeemed himself, which is in our hands because of the default made by the same Ralph at your court against Nicholas Poynz, and we signify this to you.  
  Testa de Nevill [d] 1242 Kent. Nicholas Poyntz a half fee in Hoo from the King
[There is more to this entry, that needs interpretation]
  Patent Rolls [g]
1232-47 page 295
1242 Protection with clause volumus for [a list of people including] Nicholas de Poinz so long as he be beyond seas with the king.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
33 Henry III/247
4 Jun
Nicholas Poinz gives the king one mark for a writ ad terminum relating to the county of Gloucestershire before the itinerant justices at Ilchester. Order to the sheriff of Gloucestershire to take security.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
35 Henry III/1207
21 Oct
Nicholas Poynz gives the king 2 m. for taking an assize of novel disseisin before R. Walerand. Order to the sheriff of Gloucestershire to take security.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1251-53 page 440
1253 [Commission to justices to hear a case between William Fortis and Nicholas Poyntz concerning a tenement at Fisherton in Wiltshire]  
  Fine Rolls [h]
38 Henry III/602
29 May
Nicholas Poynz gives the king 20s. for a writ ad terminum. Order to the sheriff of Somerset to take etc.  
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 295
1258 [Order to a number of people, including Nicholas de Poyntz and Henry de Novo Burgo, to gather with horses and arms at Chester, on the Monday before the feast of St John the Baptist, for a military expedition against Llewelyn ap Griffith]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 424
1259 [An order to Nicholas, son of John de Verdun, not to sell or otherwise dispose of lands formerly hekd by John de Monmouth, until a court has decided the inheritance of the lands. A similar order to others including Nicholas Poynz]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 490
1259 [Order to the sheriff of Dorset to commission a perambulation of the border between the Abbott of Cerne's lands at Radipole and Nicholas Poyntz's lands in Sutton]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 158
27 Mar 1260 [Summons to 111 people including Nicholas de Poynz, to London for three weeks from Easter, to hear and action the king's commands] Almost certainly a summons to attend Parliament
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 192
1Aug 1260 [Order to 84 people including Nicholas Poynz and Henry de Novo Burgo to muster at Shrewsbury on the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Mary, for an expedition against Llewelyn ap Griffith]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1256-59 page 497
18 Oct 1261 [Summons to 108 people including Nicholas Poynz and Henry de Novo Burgo to muster at London on the day after the feast of the Apostles Simon and Jude]  
  Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Vol 1 page 157
12 Aug 1262 [A long entry on the death of Richard de Clare, earl of Gloucester and Hereford, including:]
Gloucester. Thokington and Swell, 8 ½ fees by Nicholas Poynz
Interestingly, this entry does not include an entry for Sutton Poyntz. It should, as the later entries on the deaths of Nicholas Poyntz and of Gilbert de Clare clearly show Sutton Poyntz as held by Nicholas Poyntz from Richard de Clare's son.
  Close Rolls [f]
1261-64 page 285
1263 List of fees held from the earl of Gloucester, who holds in chief; the list includes four and one third fees held by Nicholas Poynz in Thokington and Swell  
  Close Rolls [f]
1261-64 page 303
25 Mar 1263 [Summons to 129 people including Nicholas Poynz and Henry de Novo Burgo to muster at Worcester on the feast of St Paul ad Vincula, for an expedition against Llewelyn ap Griffith]  
  Close Rolls [f]
1261-64 page 377
6 Mar 1264 [Summons to 118 people including Nicholas Poynz and Henry de Novo Burgo to muster at Oxford on the middle day of Lent, for an expedition against Llewelyn ap Griffith]  
  Patent Rolls [g]
1258-66 page 309
28 Mar 1264 Grant to William de Kaynes of 30 marks a year at the Exchequer, until the king provide for him more bountifully. The like to Nicholas Poynz.  
  Fine Rolls [h]
48 Henry III/237
25 Oct
For Henry de Sutleye. To the justices assigned to the custody of the Jews. Whereas the king’s beloved and faithful Henry de Sutleg’ lately mainperned for Nicholas Poinz to pay to Cressa son of Mosse, formerly Jew of London, deceased, the £70 in which Nicholas was bound to the aforesaid Jew by his charter for having a certain piece of land that Nicholas granted to Henry forever, and whereas Henry has not paid yet paid this due to the disturbance in the kingdom some time ago, as the king has heard, the king, wishing to do him special grace for the praiseworthy service which Henry gave to Richard de Clare, formerly earl of Gloucester, and to William de Clare, his brother, and at the instance of the king’s beloved and faithful Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, has pardoned the aforesaid £70 to him together with the interest on the same. Order to cause the charter by which Nicholas was bound to the abovesaid Jew in the aforesaid debt to be extracted from the arch of the chirographs of the Jews, to cause it to be delivered to Henry, to cause Nicholas to be quit from the aforesaid debt and interest, and to cause this to be done and enrolled thus. Nicholas Poyntz owed £70 to a Jew, who has now died. Henry Sutley had acted as security for the loan. As a favour to Henry Sutley for loyal service, the king has struck out the whole loan. It wasn't easy, being a Jew in medieval England. But see the entry below dated 12 November 1270, reversing the annulment of the debt.
  Close Rolls [f]
1264-68 page 42
1265 [Order to Nicholas Poinz to release a sixth part of the manor of Dullingham, formerly held by the deceased William le Fort, to Alienore, wife of Edward the king's eldest son, for the maintenance of Cecilie, William le Fort's daughter and heiress]  
  Patent Rolls [g]
1258-66 page 511
25 Nov 1265 Remission, at the instance of Henry de Suly, to Nicholas Poynz of all debts, usuries and penalties wherein he was bound by charter to Cresseus son of Master Mosseus, Jew of London, deceased. More on the topic above
  Close Rolls [f]
1264-68 page 503
1267 [Record of a debt by Nicholas Poynz to Henry Cowe of Winchester, of £25 2s, payable in three installments, with distraint of lands in Dorset in case of default]  
  Fine Rolls [h]
52 Henry III/268
5 Mar
Nicholas Poynz gives one mark for an assize to be taken before Robert de Brywes. Order to the sheriff of Cambridgeshire.  
  Patent Rolls [g]
1266-72 page 222
6 Jul 1268 The like [pardon of all trespasses committed by him by occasion of the non-observance of the Provisions of Oxford, until 10 March 52 Henry III] to the following: [list of names including] Nicholas Poynz, who in the time of the disturbance in the realm was of the household and fellowship of John Giffard, as by his testimony, the king has heard for certain. The Provisions of Oxford (1258) were a set of constraints imposed by Simon de Montfort and others on King Henry III, setting up rule by a Council of 24 members.
  Patent Rolls [g]
1266-72 page 488
3 Nov 1270 Grant to Hagin son of Master Mosseus, Jew of London, Manser son of Windsor, of Aaron, Cock son of Kress, and Aaron Crespyn, that for four years the king will make no extent, prorogation of terms, or quittance or pardon, or any gift of the debts wherein the following or other of their debtors are bound to them, to wit, [list of debtors including] Nicholas Poynz. See the entries dated 1264 and 1265 above.
  Close Rolls [f]
1268-72 page 386 & 553
1271/2 [Release of Nicholas Poynz from general summonses in Kent]  
  Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Vol 2 page 19
Dec 1272 [A long entry for a person named George di Cantilupo [Cantelowe] including:]
Stoke St. Edwald. The manor (full extent given with names of tenants), with the advowson of a certain chapel, including pastures called Priureswode and Moryelese, and a park called Stocwode.
Batecumbe. The hamlet (extent given with names of tenants), including land called Neulond.
All held of the heirs of Nicholas Poynz in chief as member of the manor of Sutton.
This is the first reference that shows Stockwood and Batcombe as 'members' of the manor of Sutton Poyntz
  Close Rolls [f]
1272-79 page 47
2 Jun
Nicholas Poynz came into chancery and put himself upon a certain perambulation between his lands of Sutton, co. Dorset, and the lands of the abbot of Cern' of the manor of Pockeswell, co. Dorset, and puts in his place Walter de Berewik, clerk, and John de la Haull' to prosecute the perambulation. A 'perambulation' was rather like a beating of the bounds, and was designed to establish the precise borders between one landholding and the next.
[4] Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Vol 2 page 21
Oct 1273 Nicholas Poynz.
[Somerset.] Curymalet. The manor (extent given), held of the king in chief by knight's service. Sir Hugh Poynz his son, aged 21 and more, is his next heir.
Kent. Ho. The manor (extent given) held of the king in chief by service of ½ knight's fee. Heir as above, aged 21 at the feast of St.Bartholomew last.
Cambridge. Dollingham. A moiety of the manor (extent given), which was some time of William Malet, who held it in exchange from St. Wandregesil in frank almoin, and the said Nicholas gave it to Hugh his eldest son before he died.
Dorset. Sutton
. The manor (extent given) held of Sir Gilbert de Clare, earl of Gloucester, in chief by service of 1 knight's fee. Heir as above.
Gloucester. Tokinton. The manor (extent given) with the advowson of the free chapel, held of the earl of Gloucester by knights service. Sir Hugh Pouynz his son and heir was seised of the manor of the gift of his father, and was in seisin for ½ a year and more before the death of his father, who did not die seised thereof.
This entry, on the death of Nicholas Poyntz in October 1273, lists his son Sir Hugh Poyntz as heir, and shows him as holding the manors of Curry Mallet in Somerset and Sutton Poyntz in Dorset. He had already passed the manors of Hoo in Kent and Tockington in Gloucester on to his son Hugh.
  Close Rolls [f]
1272-79 page 59
22 Nov
To Master Richard de Clyfford, escheator this side Trent. Order to Westminster, cause Hugh Poynz, eldest son of Nicholas Poynz, tenant in chief, to have seisin of, the manor, of Tokinton, co. Gloucester, and of a moiety of the manor of Dullingham, co. Camhridge, together with the issues thereof, as the king learns by inquisition taken by the escheator that Nicholas, long before his death, enfeoffed Hugh of the said manor and moiety, and that Hugh was in full and peaceful seisin thereof in his father's lifetime and afterwards, until he was ejected by the escheator and his ministers. Confirmation of some lands already transferred to Hugh Poyntz by his father
  Inquisitions post mortem [i]
Vol 2 page 117
Dec 1275 [An entry for Thomas de Audeham, including the following details:]

Kent. Eldeham. A moiety of a knight’s fee, held of Sir Nicholas Poynz by doing scutage pertaining thereto when it shall happen.


Writ of plenius certiorari, on the complaint of Hugh Poynz that the escheator had taken into the king’s hand the wardship of the lands in Audeham and of the heirs of the said Thomas which pertained to him.
Kent. Audham. The manor has been held by the said Thomas and his ancestors of the said Hugh and his ancestors in chief of the manor of Lullingeston, by service of ½ knight’s fee, from the time of king Richard; and the said Thomas held no lands in the county of the king in chief.
Shows that the Poyntz's had held land at "Audeham" (believed to have been near Wrotham) in Kent since the 12th Century

The import of the second entry is that the king had no right to take the manor in hand when the tenant died, as the tenant held it from Hugh Poyntz, not direct from the king.
  Inquisitions post mortem [i]
21-25 Hen VI page 49
31 Jan 1443 A very long entry for John Tiptoft, lord Tiptoft & Powys, provides in passing a long exposition on the Poyntz family inheritance. The relevant part is listed in full elsewhere.