History of Sutton Poyntz

For an interesting general introduction to Sutton Poyntz's history, go to the Weymouth local and family history site. We have now written a short history of the village, based on some of the research done by our History Group. More detailed information, including lists of primary and secondary sources, can be found in the History pages of this website.  



  • Buildings of Sutton Poyntz - identifying the ages of all the houses in Sutton Poyntz, and hence showing how the size and shape of the village has changed;
  • Owners of Sutton Poyntz - recording what is known about the families that have owned Sutton Poyntz up to the sale of 1925;
  • People in Sutton Poyntz - using data including censuses and tithe apportionments to record the families that have lived and worked in Sutton Poyntz;
  • Oral History - working with the Ridgeway Heritage Project to capture the memories of those who have lived longest in the village.

History Group We founded our village History Group in late 2008, as a result of an aspiration identified in the Village Plan to "preserve the history of the village". The Group consisted intially of a small team of five people (pictured below). This group identified and worked on a few initial projects, and exhibited their work at two village coffee mornings. They worked towards a major Sutton Poyntz History Evening in February 2010, which marked the start of a second phase for the History Group. The History Evening received an enthusiastic response, after which an expanded Group membership has worked on an increasing portfolio of projects, such as the studies on the histories of Sutton Farm and Puddledock Dairy. As our history projects come to fruition, we will report their conclusions and sources here.


The first 5 members of the History Group; we have presented to a Sutton Poyntz History Evening, and also a meeting of the Dorset History Forum, and have been working with the Ridgeway Heritage Project.