We have transcribed the Census returns that are publicly available (i.e. up to the Census for 1911) for the parish of Preston cum Sutton Poyntz. These are provided here as PDF files, but if you would like copies of our Excel spreadsheets, please email us using the Contact Us page. We include here in addition two older lists of land-occupiers taken from tax registers.


  • 1327 - The return for Sutton for the Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327 (a taxation register), extracted from the book "Dorset Lay Subsidy Roll of 1327" by the Dorset Record Society, 1980
  • 1798 - The return for Sutton and Preston for the Land Tax of 1798
  • 1807 - The full census return for Dorset is provided here - the only names for Preston & Sutton Poyntz are William Gill, Richard Lillington and Richard Wallis, all tenant farmers on the Weld estate
  • 1841 - Note that the original for this is confused - the Returning Officer started to split the return between Preston and Sutton, but failed to complete the job, and made mistakes in restoring the order. This attempts to recover the original order of the return.
  • 1851
  • 1861
  • 1871
  • 1881
  • 1891
  • 1901
  • 1911 - This was the first Census in which each household completed a single Return sheet. We have only gathered together so far the returns with Sutton in the address, so the data does not include Preston, and may indeed be incomplete for Sutton Poyntz.

Returns are not made public until 100 years after the Census, so the next return, for 1921, will not be available for some years.