Consultation with the village proceded in a series of stages, some legally required:

  • Consultation for our Neighbourhood Planning started with a Newsletter in February 2016, asking the village about the principle of trying to write a Neighbourhood Plan. As a result of this, and of discussions with Weymouth & Portland Borough, the Sutton Poyntz Society decided to apply to be made a Neighbourhood Forum, witha Neighbourhood Area covering the village and land around.


  • This application was approved in September 2016, but the Society had already created a Steering Group made up of volunteers, to manage the process of researching and writing the Neighbourhood Plan. We were therefore in a good situation to issue a Stage 1 Survey form in October 2016 to those living and working in the village. The survey form and our analysis of responses are available via a Consultation 1 page.


  • As a result of careful work by a number of subgroups working on the key themes that came out of the Stage 1 Consultation, a number of detailed questions emerged that needed to be put to the village before the Neighbourhood Plan itself could be drafted. These questions were assembled into a Stage 2 Survey form, which was distributed in December 2017 for response by those living and working in Sutton Poyntz, along with a Housing Needs Survey distributed one per household. More details on this consultation round can be found via a Consultation 2 page.


  • The first formal consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Plan ran from 8th November to 24th December 2018. This so-called "Regulation 14" consultation allowed residents, local workers, local businesses, landowners, and other stakeholders to submit comments on the draft plan. The comments were reviewed by the Steering Group, and changes made to the Neighbourhood Plan so that it can be submitted to the Local Authority. More details, including the key documents being consulted on, are available on the Regulation 14 Consutation page.


  • The Neighbourhood Plan document was then Examined by an Independent Examiner appointed by Dorset Council. Further changes to the Neighbourhood Plan document were required, to generate a FINAL version which was voted on by residents of the Neighbourhood Area in a REFERENDUM on Thursday 13th February 2020. The Plan was approved by a large majority; for more details see the Referendum page.