75 responses were received to the Consultation pro-forma (the response numbered 17 proved just to be a cover sheet detached from one of the response sheets). The Newsletter containing the pro-forma can be viewed here.

Two villagers gave special responses, making particular points about the principle of Neighbourhood Planning.

The other responses can be found here, by question:

The number of responses asking for each of the proposed topics to be included in the Plan were as follows:

Topic Number of responses
Housing & planning 61
Transport 51
Land use & conservation 37
Biodiversity & natural environment 31
Business & tourism 26
Heritage 23
Sports & recreation 20
Renewable energy 15
Employment 13
IT & communications 11

In addition, there were 15 "Other topic" responses. These covered the following topics:

  • Local Government (2 topics)
  • Village facilities (3 responses, to be covered under Sports & recreation)
  • Tree pruning (2 responses)
  • Liter bins and dog poo bins (2 responses)
  • Health promotion (2 responses)
  • Social inclusion
  • Flood risk (2 responses)
  • Speed limit (to be covered under Transport)
  • Preservation of natural environment (to be covered under Biodiversity & natural environment)
  • The Iron Man triathlon