What things do you like best about Sutton Poyntz that makes it a great place to live and work?

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1 Continuing availability of the bus service into the village.
Vast improvements to the Springhead pub on all fronts - and for the whole community.
Generally friendly and welcoming nature of the village - and its tolerance.
Richness of surrounding countryside within easy access.
2 The environment, the community spirit and the great location surrounded by coast and lovely walking count.
3 General air of friendliness, focal points Mission Hall and the Springhead.
Access to Weymouth by public transport.
Mobile library?
The richness & diversity of the landscape around the village.
4 Social life, centred on the Mission Hall and the pub (both great success stories).
The look of the village centre.
Beautiful rural surroundings and good walks.
Feels reasonably distinct from Preston and Weymouth despite ribbon development along Sutton Road, but reasonably good access.
There are some very good recent examples of sympathetic development by local developers.
5 Access to some beautiful country with well maintained footpaths and good relations with the farming community.
The Mission Hall & Garden - ideal for both village and private parties - very well cared for.
The Springhead - thriving pub, very good staff and ideal for private and village functions.
The biannual Street Fayre - brings the community together to help worthwhile causes.
The friendliness of the village. SPAM, the Street Fayre and the many Mission Hall functions make living in the village a great privilege.
6 A great sense of community.
It's a beautiful village.
The pub is the heart of our social community.
Great set of events organised by & at the Mission Hall.
The Street Fayre shows the whole village pulls together.
The pond & willows make a beautiful centrepiece.
Local bus service is still useful.
SPAM is an asset (shame work commitments do not allow me to do more).
Great walking routes around & through.
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9 Sense of community within the village, you can all join in and have your opinions considered. The use of the Mission Hall for that purpose.
Surroundings of the village must be protected, the countryside immediately on the boundaries are absolutely beautiful.
I love the area around the pond with the cottages and the pub add to the pleasure of living in the village.
Having the Sutton Poyntz Society.
10 We like the community spirit and the way most people join in and support events that are organised. We like the fact that most people know & acknowledge each other & there is very little "them & us" feeling.
The location of the village & beautiful surrounding countryside is a great bonus.
We are lucky, at last, to have found the right people to run the Springhead Pub, now a much valued asset.
With the number of new properties, and number of people moving in & out of the village, we must do our best to encourage them to join in and retain the great community spirit we already have.
11 I enjoy living in Sutton Poyntz, due to the fact that I feel safe when walking through the village and I also feel comfortable talking to anyone if I need help because every time I have bumped into anyone it has been greeted with warm friendly conversation.
Also village biodiversity groups for young people have allowed me to meet other young people enabling me to form friendships with them.
Additionally, I love the beautiful scenery and green fields surrounding and the minimal amount of noise.
12 I enjoy living in a village with a friendly active community.
Sutton Poyntz is a very special village which has a strong village identity.
The village is enjoyed by visitors to the town of Weymouth and surrounding area.
I like being able to walk around the village without too much traffic and bumping into fellow village residents.
Sutton Poyntz is a very beautiful place due to its geography and surrounding hills and views.
13 It is a village with a community. I like being able to walk down the road or around the pond & always see someone I know & have a chat.
The natural beauty of the village with the Pond, river, trees and surrounding hills make it an inspiring place to live in all seasons.
The opportunity to go for beautiful walks without having to get in the car.
The views are stunning both across the patchwork hills, towards the White Horse & from the surrounding hills across the bay & sea.
14 With an attractive core and a spectacular setting, Sutton Poyntz offers the best of all worlds - a wonderful environment yet enjoying access to all the needed local facilities in Preston, the benefits of living next door to a town and coastal resort, and direct access to a magnificent coast and countryside.
15 The natural environment of hills and valleys, a visible and open landscape.
An attractive manmade landscape/development.
Access to countryside, balanced with access to facilities & services - a pleasant & convenient place to live.
Access to an amazing coastline.
A sense of community, evidenced by various clubs, activities etc. In particular, SP Fayre unites villagers & promotes a wider appeal from beyond the village.
16 (M) We have lived here for thirty two years now. We love it here. Country living is far better than town existence - it is so quiet and peaceful.
(F) There should be more attractions in the village in the holiday period i.e. May to Sept. to attract more visitors to this beautiful region i.e.
Garden parties
at the Springhead. I also believe there should be a large indoor beach/pool leisure centre in Weymouth in case of bad weather in the summer or winter.
17 [The response numbered 17 proved to be a front sheet only]
18 Sutton Poyntz is a peaceful oasis a short step away from the madding crowd that is Weymouth. It has maintained its own identity, or at least tried to, by sympathetic development and importantly remaining distinct and separate.
19 A picturesque hamlet in a delightful setting - yet quite near to Weymouth and Dorchester.
Friendly residents with considerable pride in their village.
Peace and quiet - minimal road traffic and little trade and industry.
Mature population.
Public transport available.
Mission Hall meeting venue.
20 I love the green fields round the village and the breaks in-between buildings. Most importantly is the break between the Springhead and Northdown Farm and in Plaisters Lane and Puddledock Lane.
I like to see people from surrounding areas coming and enjoying the above and walking their dogs in the fields.
I like the community spirit with all the activities arranged by the SPS.
With a few exceptions, the Springhead has and is a thriving pub employing local people.
A bus service.
21 The peace and tranquility.
The wildlife.
The lack of traffic.
22 My husband was born in the village. I came to live here in 1962 and have seen all developments since then. Old Bincombe Lane, Puddledock Lane, Sutton Close, Sutton Court Lawns, infilling in Plaisters Lane, Mission Hall Lane & Sutton Road. I feel the village has reached maximum development without ruining it, i.e. the village feel and community spirit.
The Mission Hall is an important part of the village. The Trustees work hard to look after it. The Springhead is also an important part of the village. We are lucky with our present hosts. With the surrounding fields, hills, the White Horse, we live in a lovely place and now is the time to protect it.
23 Our community - a good number of very pleasant people to live with.
Good communications/accessibility to Weymouth and Dorchester.
Good footpaths.
Good weather and natural environment.
25 A picturesque village.
A village surrounded by beautiful hills and fields.
A pleasant friendly and comparatively quiet place to live.
Adequate nearby facilities, e.g. pub/restaurant, local stores and garage; and a Mission Hall for local; get-together events.
26 Everything just as it is.
We moved here because we loved the village. The pub is great now and the bus into town is very handy.
The friendliness of everyone is great and the amount of interests are very good - plenty to get involved with.
27 The very welcoming pub that is doing a grand job.
The whole of the village just as it is.
We do not work, but having the bus is very convenient.
28 I feel in recent times it has become a closer community - I was aware that previously there had been friction amongst some people in the community.
Currently there remains very much of a village feel about Sutton Poyntz and any future development should not allow it to become an extension of Weymouth.
The current success of the Springhead pub is a real focal point of the village and has made Sutton Poyntz a friendlier place to live.
29 The people who live here and the sense of community they create.
The environment and picturesque surroundings.
The atmosphere which is friendly, calm and safe.
The events that are held to bring the village together and raise funds for those less fortunate.
30 Community.
31 Sutton Poyntz is a wonderful place to live, we are surrounded by hills and green hills, it is quite peaceful and has a great community spirit.
We have a good mix of ages and genders, young families and an older generation who live happily together.
There are always lots of events happening in the village for people to join in with if they want to.
I can't imagine that there is another perfect little village like Sutton Poyntz anywhere else with the added bonus of being so close to Weymouth with its Idyllic.
32 The people and the consideration of the villagers.
33 Location provides an ideal balance between access to towns (with their associated services) and countryside (lots of footpaths), which is helped by having a relatively good bus service.
Plenty of services within walking distance (pubs, shops, Post Office, community halls, etc).
Numerous community based activities which meet a wide range of individual needs.
34 Easy access to major towns via hourly bus service and within convenient reach of the doctor, chemist and shops, within walking distance of three pubs serving food.
There is a daily postal collection.
The pond area and hedgerows and footpaths are kept natural with minimum cultivation.
Varied social events, activities and groups making full use of the Mission Hall.
35 The rural aspect of the village with views over the countryside. Also the peace and quiet of the village.
It is important to restrict any development because access and parking are already a problem and would get worse.
A regular bus service giving a link to the doctors and the main town and mainline station.
The two village halls.
The strong sense of community with a number of good local societies, i.e. Theatre, Bridge, WI, Home Watch, etc.
36 The pond and surrounding area.
The pub.
Easy access to footpaths and hills.
Easy access to town, country and coast.
The Mission Hall as a venue for events.
37 Good, friendly community,plenty going on if you want it, lovely walks, easy access to beaches or towns. Pond area, pub and Mission Hall.
38 It doesn't look like a developed town it has good views and a good community.
39 The green space between Sutton Poyntz and Preston that gives us our identity as a village and stops us being swallowed up as a district of Weymouth.
It is vitally important that the fields to the west of Plaisters Lane remain green belt and are not developed.
I also strongly concur with the description of Plaisters Lane as having a 'rural qualty that requires protection', contained within the Borough Council's Conservation Appraisal. I am also therefore opposed to further building on the eastern side of Plaisters Lane.
40 It’s a nice area.
41 The green space between Sutton Poyntz and Preston that gives us our identity as a village and stops us being swallowed up as a district of Weymouth.
It is vitally important that the fields to the west of Plaisters Lane remain green belt and are not developed.
I also strongly concur with the description of Plaisters Lane as having a 'rural quality that requires protection', contained within the Borough Council's Conservation Appraisal. I am therefore opposed to further building on the eastern side of Plaisters Lane.
42 Sutton Poyntz is a lovely place to live with lots of things to do if you want to. Lovely views of the valley and green fields.
43 Community spirit and feel. Friendly welcoming people.Proximity to wonderful countryside and walks to the sea.
44 The laid back atmosphere  with country walks and Puddledock Lane; still a lane with a lovely canopy of trees and not turned into a road (although many cars use the lane as a short cut) as long as it's safe - long may it last.
It may be necessary to allow building of new homes but thought has to be given to how these will fit in - it would be a shame if more young people are not encouraged to come to our village - we don't want it to become a village of second homes, when empty houses will make it a 'ghost town'.
45 1. Small friendly community
2. Close to beautiful walking countryside
3. Two good shps - Co-op + Spa - close by
4. Bus route to Weymouth + X53
5. Beach and sea activities close by
6. Wonderful village hall for community functions
7. Many village events organised for everyone - street fayre, scarecrows, spam, art exhibition, cream teas, history, walks, etc
8. A lively pub with good ideas
9. Good refuse collection with friendly workers.
46 Beautiful open spaces with access to walks to the Ridgeway and beach.
Wildlife in plenty.
Close to Weymouth.
Friendly village with a good community spirit.
No large housing developments.
47 The village lies under surrounding hills which gives continuous shelter from winds coming from any direction.
It is a very scenic village with a healthy village life, linked to a thriving church/school and good medical facilities.
48 The beautiful pond and ducks.
The friendly atmosphere of the residents.
The community facility of the Mission Hall and the way it is maintained.
The surrounding countryside accessible for walking.
Having a village pub.
49 We were brought to this area through work and have continued to live here in retirement.
The closeness of the countryside with its many walks has been important.
The village is also close to Weymouth, the coast and local amenities.
It is a village that has always people,locals and visitors, walking through it which I enjoy. There is a good community spirit.
50 It's beautiful, peaceful  and is a friendly place to live. The community spirit is strong and the locals look after the village. This is obviously appreciated by visitors. The Misson Hall is a much used and an important social hub for the community.
51 I enjoy living in Sutton Poyntz because it is a beautiful country village with tree lined walks and surrounding walks.
It also has a busy vibrant community with many thinsg happening all the time, book groups, coffees, and such like.
Although we have fairly quiet living conditions we are also very lucky to be an easy distance from Weymouth and Dorchester and the bus is a huge asset, losing the bus to Dorchester has made life more complicated but not impossible.
The pub is a huge asset but I fear its popularity makes walking in the village more difficult and noisy for the people who live in the centre of the village.
Overall I'm fairly content with things as they are but not so naive as to think things stay the same always and growth is inevitable.
52 In no particular order -
The peace and tranquility ( power tools aside - is it really necessary to start strimming and mowing at 07.40?).
The beautiful countryside. The access to wonderful walks without having to travel far, or even at all - nature reserves, beaches, clifftops, woods, rivers and of course, the absolutely amazing walks arounf the village and valley area that are so easy to take for granted.
The fantastic open views into and out of the village , with views of the sea, the countryside and from the village, views of the surrounding hills. In my opinion, some of these views are amongst the best in Dorset.
The strong sense of community with village events and numerous activity groups available.The face that there are fantastic people in the village willing to step up to the plate to organsie all of these. In times of personal trouble village members  rally round.
The village people (not the group) as above.
Easy proximty to almost everything - doctors, dentists, shops, hairdressers, vets, sports, post offices, milk delivery, trains, cafes, museums, children's playgrounds (loads that are easily walkable or you could buy a drink or meal at the pub), sports facilities, other activities, etc etc. All walkable, ashort drive away or , as long as they keep running, bus trips away.
A marvellous pub of which I feel proud (although this also has its disadvantages) .
The general composition of the village itself - the pond, the lanes, the ecletic properties, the fact that people take such care of their gardens and properties so that it is a joy to walk around.
It is easy to pick out the empty or rental homes with their ranks of bins outside.
53 Pleasant place to live due to country views, near sea.
Like the pond area.
'Village' look about the place. No large housing estates and social housing.
54 A beautiful rural area by the sea yet close to the amenities of both Weymouth and Dorchester.
55 Rural character – not isolated reasonably accessible to shops etc – Weymouth & Dorchester
56 It is natural beauty, serenity of area which attracted us to live here.
It is close to Weymouth, which is an asset, whilst remaining a quiet rural retreat. Whenever people come to see us, wither local or trade people or friends they are amazed by the naturalness & quiet of SP. This is something we would hate to see change as this beauty is something that cannot be recreated.
To date the area of SP has been developed in a way to enhance, rather that spoil or distract from it & if we lost this then the area would not be what we and many others moved here for. So having a local plan is a good idea as this will be developed by people who care for what we have.
57 Its a village that would be called ‘Chocolate Box’ with thatched roofs & locally sources Portland stone buildings in abundance. With the countryside all around its an idyllic place to live. This area needs to be protected in every way.
58 It is a quiet pretty village with a long history and a good community feel. The situation is ideal with easy access to the sea and countryside. I like that the end of the village is a dead end to traffic and the road to Dorchester is not too busy. I would not like to see that change.
59 On the edge of town but with al the advantages of the countryside, good walking.
A social life if you want to join in.
Railway station, buses and town all with easy reach.
Residents seem to care about their properties and gardens and keep the village looking good.
60 Community Spirit, especially with SP Street Fayre.
The Springhead is a credit to the village, supporting the village and residents.
The Scutt Hall is well used with cubs, Beavers, scouts using 3 times a week and their engagement with the community.
61 I am new to the village. I enjoy the walks around the area. Fabulous views. Friendliness. The history of the village.
62 Good community spirit.
Adequate bus service.
Good village ambience.
Good pub.
Clean & tidy.
Adjacent countryside and walks.
Plenty of activities within a short distance. Good use of meeting places.
Victorian Fayre a real plus.
The Open Gardens scheme.
63 Community  spirit.
Beautiful scenery.
Duck Pond.
Proximity to the coast.
Green areas.
Open walks.
64 Good village community.
Excellent environment.
Extensive history.
Ready access to local services.
Close to trading centres of Weymouth & Dorchester.
65 Active and friendly community.
Its own identity.
In an area of natural beauty and glorious views of sea and countryside.
Away from the everyday noise and traffic.
66 Village proximity to coast & countryside are important factors, plus semi-rural setting.
Convenient for work for Winfrith/Portland.
There is very good community spirit in the village. Important for wife – WI, Mission Hall, Church etc.
The village also has good links to range of services, surgery, shops. Possible to reach Weymouth or Dorchester reasonably quickly.
Views to countryside through open gaps & views to sea and rest of world from hills.
67 Walks and open countryside setting.
Tucked away but near Weymouth & Dorchester.
Good sense of community & very social.
Nice to be able to walk to pubs,shops,post office, hairdressers, pharmacy & doctors.
Small enough to have sense of community.
Limited traffic – very little through traffic – makes safe and peaceful. Heritage is important as is natural environment. Should be preserved.
68 Its a mixed community.
Some environmentally protected areas.
Good bus service.
Mobile library service.
Sense of community support e.g. helping clear road uphill of snow, support for residents who are ill.
Local history information board.
Hall with local activities.
Community orchard
69 The rural setting ; proximity to the Ridgeway and wider walking opportunities and proximity to Weymouth and Dorchester are factors that make it a good place to live.
There is clearly a village sense of community which is very important.
70 Its location in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
The commitment of so many in the village to contribute; so enhancing the quality of life in the community.
The retention of a pub which provides a social facility for the community.
71 Friendliness and warmth of people.
A sense of place and a place for the senses.
The cottages around the duck pond giving a ‘traditional’ English village fee.
The Purbeck stone and thatched architecture.
The beautiful landscape surrounding the village community events.
72 Good access to countryside and coast. Views , close to Dorchester and Weymouth.
73 Relatively low density population. Semi-rural environment. Proximity of shops, pubs and bus services. People are friendly. Good area for footpaths and walking.
74 I like the simple fact that it is a “country village”, albeit very close to Preston/Weymouth.
That means it has a lot of village-like qualities, such as:
• a lot of (protected) trees,
• views over countryside (and/or sea),
• gates directly into fields of livestock,
• no pavements,
• few streetlights,
• public footpaths and bridleways,
• a pond with ducks and overhanging willows,
• a water mill with running water through the streets,
• little pedestrian-only side-streets,
• an occasional bus service,
• a mobile library (sadly disappearing),
• a splendid country pub,
• a nearby fish-and-chip shop,
• and last but not least ‘dark skies’ with an amazing starscape!
The other things I like revolve around the people and the social life. Everyone is so friendly.  We are also very lucky to have the Mission Hall and the Scutt Hall and an active set of volunteers to organise social events – in the village halls but also on trips elsewhere.  I’m thinking particularly of the Theatre Group and SPAM.
75 Peace and quiet.  Village community. Beautiful umspoilt surroundings/countryside. Sympathetic housing.Regular bus service to Weymouth.
76 The village is physically separated from the urban sprawl of Weymouth by the green wedge and the fields to the south and east of Chalbury Hill Fort. This separation is important in giving meaning to the identity of the village.
There is no industrial work in Sutton Poyntz. The place for such work is in the local industrial estates.
The sense of community is a key feature of the village.