The number attending the Open Days were:

Visitor tally a.m. p.m. Totals
Sunday 30/10/2016 19 21 40
Monday 31/10/2016 6 20 26
Totals     66

Post-its were submitted in 11 categories:

Biodiversity & natural environment

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Keep our footpaths 4
Maintain support for biodiversity group They do an excellent job 3
Maintain footpaths - illustrate on map on village notice board 3
Country code signs maybe - such as close gate, do not climb them, do not lift them off their hinges! (Help our local farmers)  
Maintain and improve the footpaths 3
Keep trees! Especially as they overhand the lanes and create dappled shade 2
Keep country land feel to Puddledock Lane - leave the trees! 1
Village Pond Continue to care for and keep - such a beautiful space and natural environment  
Ideas for more permissible paths 3
Keep country lanes like Puddledock with lovely trees hanging over - great for birds & wildlife 2
Keep trees in Puddledock Lane1  
Better signage of footpaths to assist walkers 1

Keep the village, including the public footpaths, free from the increasing problem of dog mess

[to above] Need more bins! Will you empty them?



Trees in OBL not suitable for surroundings suitable alternative trees  
How can we keep the stream running freely along S Road & P Land and Silver St.? Part owned by the Council  

Puddledock Lane, very, very dark.  Would a couple of street lights be a good idea? So dark - risk of attack??

[to above] Lane is in the country! Buy a torch - let's see the starts!



Maintain existing Private Hedges & Property frontages  

Trees in Puddledock Lane need maintenance to avoid excessive overhanging.  This can be problem to removal lorries online deliveries!

[to above] done regularly

Minimise "Bins" left o/side all week  
Very important to maintain and enhance protection of environmentally sensitive areas  

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Land use & conservation

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Develop some more land as community allotments - growing very/fruit community farming project 1
Wild field borders 3
Protection of existing habitat badgers/deer 11
Maintain open gaps and views from village plus separation from Preston 11
Hedges managed for wildlife 8
Protect green 'gap' where Donkeys lived etc. so that we are not joined to Preston  

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Post it comments Ticks to agree
We need to help our farmers by treating their land with respect 3
Need to allow farmers to diversity - but not too much!  

How do we feel about more holiday homes?

[to above] Prefer not

[to above] Against!

[to above]Strongly Against





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Renewable Energy

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Solar panels are horrible! How do they work in a conservation area - no planning permission require [sic] & they look awful 3
Need to promote solar energy  

Seek to develop community alternative energy schemes

[to above] Disagree!

[to above] Depends how visible




Be good to have renewable energy or bulk buy energy[for?] community  
We need to keep an eye on the larger picture - renewable energy is the responsible option, far outweighed by aesthetic issues  
promote energy efficiency in 'New builds' - but too many solar panels on roofline 2

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Business & Tourism

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Glad pub is doing well but BIG Problem - Too much TRAFFIC coming down  
Well done to our publicans 3
Pub is essential and very important to our community and community life 5
local support for the village pub 4
Tourism keeps the pub busy in the summer so that it's viable for residents in the winter 4
Map of Plaisters Lane house names at Cartshed needs extending to cover Sutton Road & Puddledock Lane house names. Essential for delivery drivers! 3

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Post it comments Ticks to agree
Recognition of archaeological heritage: Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman and Medieval sites in abundance 5
Thomas Hardy Trail 2
Walking train linked to Freddie Litschi book  
An illustrated village map would be good with access to counryside (footpaths) shown plus literary (Hardy) and historical links  - on village noticeboard  

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Sports & Recreation

Post it comments Ticks to agree

We need a village hall that is larger. Need insurance cover to allow more than 60 people

[to above] No - THIS is a VILLAGE.  There are plenty of larer halls locally


A small playgorund for young children - or join forces with Springhead - there's nowhere in our village

[to above]Keep the village as a rural village not a park

[to above]There are numerous playgrounds locally - all walkable Or buy a drink at the pub

[to above] Play area will bring more cars down - not good

Village rounders cricket teams  
Village green by the pond - we should buy it or investigate leasing it??  
Mission Hall and orchard a wonderful aset for our vilage - must continue to support 3
The Mission Hall is a wonderful asset 6

Please can something more be done about dog mess footpaths in particular and road around village

[To above] Need bins! & someone to empty them



Wheelchair friendly village path  
The Mission Hall is Plenty Big enough for a village needs 1
Safer walking around village away from cars  
Need some play areas not connected to pub and no dogs allowed in them 1
Play & sports area/round  
We need a village green 1
Local tennis court?  
Great to have a small intimate hall as well as Church Rooms, 120 people, Scutt Hall (youngsters). P. [Preston] Village Hall (120 people) all within 15 mins walk  
The Mission is a wonderful asset. We need to assure it!  (buy freehold?)  
A Village Green would be wonderful. May the plot between Milsteream and The Rest [depersonalised upon request from writer]  
Promote village as walking centre, access to Ridgeway etc.  

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IT & Communications

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Improve TV Reception Freeview 1
Improved mobile phone signal  
No 4G here yet  
Better broadband and mobile coverage  
Fewer overhead cables please 5
Improved mobile coverage and cable connectivity 1
Remove defunct telegraph poles from waterworks to upper reservoir acorss 'West Hill' 3

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Post it comments Ticks to agree Cross to disagree
Should the village have a traffic survey because of the perceived increase in cars passing through the village    
Bus link is essential 7  
Work with first bus to maintain the frequency and acess of the bus service 2  
Puddledock Lane Footpath only[assume means no motors?] Good idea 2  
Footpath only for Puddledock Lane.  Private lane not for development for traffic    
Bus currently having lots of problems (poor parking etc.) 1  

Keep Puddledock Lane as it is

[to above]Strongly agree!



Don't let Puddledock Lane become accessible to more traffic 1  
Puddledock Lane must remain accessible to vehicles people live there and need access    
Improve Puddledock Lane (for walkers only) 7  
How can you improve Puddledock Lane only for walkers? 1  
[to Puddledock Lane comments] None of the above!    

Puddledock Lane not safe at night need a couple of street lights between Sutton Road  & Cornhill Way

[to above] Please no!


Puddledock Lane:
1 Safe Footpath
2 cycle path
3 large deep field ditch
4 rumble surface on road
5 drains to take surface water
6 cats eyes each side of road
7 lights = paths & road
8 Slow signs on road
9 speed limit
10 road pass
11 pay as you go
12 to cut back traffic = Locals only sign
13 gates each end [drawing]
14 Private road
15 Puddledock Lane Upkeep = pay Council yearly rates to maintain, road and path and ditch and wear and tear
[16?]Puddledock Lane Keep the road for local only = to stop rat racers!

1 1
Sutton Road - maybe slice into 'bank' to stop 'blind spot' and create a passing place    
Puddledock Lane between Sutton Rd and Cornhill Way:- canopy of trees and side of hedges weed regular maintenance removal vans (internet deliveries etc.    
Do not change Puddledock Lane especially the trees 1  
Puddledock Lane  all very nice but trees, overhanging branches need control and maintenance   1
Love Puddledock Lane as it is don't want it to become a rat run 1  
[to trees/ditches comment?] Aldready Done twice a year    
[comments re Puddledock and traffic?] Why? It's not suitable for motors    
car parking and congestion along Sutton Road causes bus difficulty  and access for road users 1  
Plan roads so that trafice does not grid lock    
Ensure a public transport service to suit people not timetable.    
Parking on Sutton Road is necessary for residents and helps work as a traffic calming measure.    
Restirct parking on Sutton Road especialy on and approaching the blind bend and adjacent to weir/pond 1  
Do not change Puddledock Lane especially the trees    
Keep the Weymouth bus and get back the Dorchester one 4  
Bus essential.  Pull ins needed on Suton Road to allow paossing (short double yellow lines) 1  
Ensure roads planning does not speed up traffic    
bus destination on timetable is Silver Street.  Can we have name plate back.  Fro passengers to alight there    
We need the buss 6  
Turning circle and parking restrictionf or bus access    
keep the bus 5  
A ferry service for Puddledock Lane A dry footpath please    
speed limit for village 20 mph    

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Housing & Planning

Post it comments Ticks to agree
No Social Housing  
No Jobs [probably goes with the above]  
Sympathetic develpoment is very desirable, but should concentrate at the lower/middle end of the market. 3
Covenants to prevent second/holiday homes 3 [plus one question mark]
More low cost & social housing needed 3
Affordable homes for families and young people 7
Need a variety of housing suitable all ages 5
Maintin Sutton Poyntz as a village, not a town or suburb of Weymouth  
Small scale development with mix of housing. 1
Some older people want smaller homes not cheap but 2/3 bedrooms 1
If possible never build on fields, Redvelop take big plot houses and build several on the site  
Need some smaller houses not all 4/5 bedrooms 4
Some fields may need to be developed. Make sure they are 'in keeping'. Let's have a wider variety of housing & make sure off road parking  
Could our children or grandchildren live here? Expense?  
Architectural design should fit in with village style  
Some development seems inevitable, even desirable, but every effort should be made to ensure that this is sympathetic 2
"if second homes" [seems to have lost context] 3
Prevent the village being made up of holiday homes 14
Vry important to keep the 'green wedge' (Pud Lane) to keep SP identity as not Preston! 5
Greater diversity of property to encourage under usage of family units 3
No social housing  

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Anything else?

Post it comments Ticks to agree
Passing places on Plaisters Lane? 4

Do something about speeding vehicles. Village needs a 20 mph speed limit

[to above?] Yes

[to above?] Only enforceable with speed bumps - maybe shallow ones?




Not loads of signs and speed bumps

[to above?] As above]



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