A second round of consultation with those living and working in the village was conducted in December 2017, containing much more detailed questions than the first consultation. Another page gives an explanation of the Stage 2 Survey documents published in December 2017.

From a village of 242 dwellings, and a population estimated at 456 (of whom 40 to 50 are aged under 16), we received 269 responses to the main Stage 2 Survey document, which we thought was an excellent return; thank you to all those who took the time to go through quite a long consultation form. In addition we received 31 Housing Needs forms from households who are likely to have a housing need in the next few years.

These forms have now been analysed and are being used in writing a draft Neighbourhood Plan for the village. We are about to publish a Newsletter with a summary of the initial analysis. In addition he raw data from the survey forms is all available here, as follows:

  • A spreadsheet with the check-box responses for all the Stage 2 Survey forms;
  • Three documents with the comments written by respondents in their Stage 2 Survey forms:
  • A spreadsheet with all the responses (check-box and written) to the Housing Needs survey will be published shortly.

N.B. Personal data

  1. All personal information (names, addresses etc., where given) has been redacted from this data.
  2. The comments documents record the index number given to the response. These have been included to allow us to refer back quickly to the original form, should this be necessary. The index numbers do not allow the name or address of the respondent to be identified, except where the respondent voluntarily wrote this on their form.