Here is a repository of documents relating to the Sutton Poyntz Neighbourhood Plan. For Minutes of meetings, go to the Meetings page. An Email repository is also held for Correspondence, and is available to anyone with reasonable justification.


4th November 2019 - The final Referendum Version of the Neighbourhood Plan, incorporating all of the changes requested by the Examiner. This version was unanimously approved by the Town Council at their meeting on the 20th November, and by a large majority in the public Referendum. (Please note that because of a problem converting from a Word Online version of this document to PDF, some of the links in the References section are truncated and do not work - the URL's given as text for these References were all correct at the time of publication).


2nd October 2019 - The Examiner's Report was received. This was generally favourable; the Examiner stated that a "transparent, fair and inclusive consultation process" had been followed, and concluded that "the Society and its members should feel proud of their work, and of the Plan which should help to guide the area’s future development in a positive way with the support of the local community". Most of the Policies were approved with only very minor change, but three more major changes were requested.


August 2019 - A number of questions were received from the External Examiner. Detailed answers were supplied, along with Heritage Working Paper that includes a description of the historical monuments in and around the Neighbourhood Area.


July 2019 - A report of representations received as a result of the consultation period from 31st May to 12th July 2019.


15th May 2019 - A revised document pack was submitted on behalf of Weymouth Town Council to Dorset Council. Most of the documents were unchanged; the main three documents were revised to reflect the fact that the Town Council is now the originating body. The revised documents are as follows:


8th March 2019 - The Neighbourhood Plan, along with associated documents, was submitted to Weymouth & Portland Borough Council. The documents submitted were as follows:


The following documents were created during the drafting of the Neighbourhood Plan: