The  village maps in this section of our website have been designed as an aid to navigation around the website, helping you get information about our village quickly and easily. Use the links above to view the maps:

  • In the village - photographs old and new
  • Country and footpaths - information on walks, and photographs of the countryside
  • Amenities - shops, pubs, village halls, schools, and medical (doctors surgeries, hospitals, chemists)
  • Getting around - street and house names, bus stops and local bus routes, train stations
  • Getting there - plan your route, or find out about public transport
  • Historical maps - a number of 18th and 19th Century maps of Sutton Poyntz and Preston

Here are notes on how you can get the best use out of the maps.

Types of maps that you can view

We have used Google Maps as the basis for our village maps. We have chosen to provide a Satellite view as standard, but you can choose an ordinary map view, if you prefer, or any of the other Google Maps view. Use the buttons at the top-right of the map to select your preferred view.


Moving around

Use the Google Maps controls at the top-left of the map to zoom in or out, and to move around. Zoom in and pan to get a detailed view of any part of the village. Zoom out to see more of Dorset or the South of England. As well as moving around using the control buttons at the top-left, you can drag the map left, right, up or down.
(P.S. Occasionally, Google Maps fails to draw the pan/zoom control. To fix this, go to another page and re-select the map page you wanted.)



Icons, information, and images

The information that we have added to the village maps is identified by icons on the maps. For example, an "i" information symbol shows that there is information available about whatever is at that location. A camera icon identifies that there is a photograph available - the orientation of the camera shows roughly the direction the photograph was taken in. Other special purpose icons are used to identify bus stops, shops, pubs, churches, village halls etc.

Click the icon once to open up an information box; this will contain basic information or a thumbnail photograph. Click the link or image in the information box to open another page with the full photograph or further information.

(N.B. Because of the way Google Maps works, the clickable area is rather larger than the icon itself. This can make it annoyingly difficult to click an icon that is partly obscured behind another icon. Use the zoom control on the map to zoom in until the icons are separated. We apologise for this 'feature', which is out of our control).
List of Icons used
Photograph     Panorama  
Village hall     Church  
Shop     Pub  
House/building     Bus stop  



Selectable overlays

Some maps contain different types of information, and you can select the types of information you want to see. The example shown here is part of the Amenities map, showing how you can control the display of types of information (pubs, for example) or of individual places.

Maps where you can choose what information to display have a panel on the left-hand side, with a list of what is available for display. Choose what you want to see, and click the appropriate check-box or radio button, so that the button is shown as ON.

In many pages, you can click on an entry listed in the left-hand panel to get more information. For example, click on the Springhead entry to get more information about the Springhead Pub.