The Tithe Surveys were commissioned nationally in the mid-19th Century, to record land ownership and tenure, and responsibility for paying Tithes. The survey for the parish of Sutton cum Sutton Poyntz was carried out in 1838. This is the map that went with the Survey. There are details below of land use and of some of the main tenancies.

Tithe Survey, 1838 - Land use

The Tithe Survey showed what land was arable (brown), pasture (green), downland (yellow), orchard (pink), woodland (blue-grey), building/garden/quarry (grey) or beach (sand-coloured).

Tithe Survey, 1838 - Northdown Farm

Tithe Survey, 1838 - Southdown Farm

Tithe Survey, 1838 - Sutton Farm

Tithe Survey, 1838 - Wyke Oliver