There are many map resources across the internet, so we've no intention to replicate them here.  However we thought it might be useful to supply links to specific views of those map resources that relate to the village.

  1. Google Maps
    1. Streetmap - you can pan and zoom to see more or less detail, and search for particular features. You can also enter StreetView from here for views of the village
    2. Satellite view
  2. Dorset Explorer - This is a Planning Map managed by Dorset Council, but includes many features of very great use
    1. Ordnance Survey map of village and surrounds - pan and zoom for more or less detail
    2. House names and numbers - showing the Ordnance Survey MasterMap. Click the link to the left for a high resolution map centred at the fork between Plaisters Lane and Sutton Road. Pan around (zooming out can help to pan quickly), and then zoom in to get a clearer view of house names and numbers
    3. Addresses - This map gives access to an address database. Click on an icon to get the full postal address. You can also search for most addresses in the "Enter a location" box above the map, in order to find an address (such as, for example, 1 Old Bincombe Lane or Wyndings or Puddledock Lane). N.B. This search method is not 100% reliable.
  3. Historical maps
    1. Dorset Explorer (see above) provides some old Ordnance Survey maps as overlays (go to the Dorset Explorer website, click on Layer Control (right-hand side), click on OS Historic Maps, and select one of the old maps)
    2. We have included on this website two old survey maps - the Estate Survey carried out for the Weld family when they purchased the Manor of Sutton Poyntz in about 1798, and the Tithe Survey carried out in 1838.