The Sutton Poyntz Society is over 50 years old, having been formed on 5th March 1968 by a group of residents concerned at the state of the pond and the village in general.

The Society Constitution defines the basic purposes of the Society, and with other Policy Documents defines how the Society carries out its work on behalf of the village.

The first objective of the Society is to protect and conserve this beautiful rural village at the edge of Weymouth under the hills of the Ridgeway. It currently does this by means of improvement and conservation projects; recent examples include the replacement of Margaret's Seat, restoration of the village beacon, landscaping work to Top of the Pond (which was purchased by the Society on behalf of the village so that it could be protected), purchase and re-use of the village's redundant telephone box, restoration of various seats around the village, and various works to the mill pond including work to the willows by the pond.

In order to fund this work, the Society has a modest annual subscription (to join contact any committee member) and also runs a number of fund raising events including an annual Cream Tea event, a Vegetable Show, a Scarecrow Competition, and monthly coffee mornings. The Society has also been successful in obtaining grant funding and sponsorship for some of its projects. Some of the money so raised is held to fund village projects, and donations are also made to a variety of local Charities as part of the village's outreach.

A second Society objective is social. The village events described above help to create a sense of village community. In addition, the Society provides an important communications role, producing regular village Newsletters and other electronic communications, and managing the village's website. The Society also publishes a variety of information leaflets for the benefit of villagers and visitors to the village.

The Society also provides an umbrella organisation for village special interest groups, such as the village's History and Biodiversity groups. These groups benefit from the Society's public liability insurance policy and communications network.

The routine of the Society is undertaken by an elected committee which is appointed at an AGM.  Minutes of the (roughly monthly) meetings are published. A few years ago, the Society created a Limited Company, Sutton Poyntz CIC, whose purpose is to own land (especially the Top of the Pond area) on behalf of the village. Directors of the Company are appointed by the Society Committee.

Over the years, the Society has been responsible for the writing of several Village Action Plans, which have documented the state of the village and identified how the village would wish to develop (both physically and socially) in future years.

The Society does not directly involve itself in planning matters, but as a service to the village publishes a list of recent planning applications.