The village Biodiversity Group was created in April 2008, with three main objectives:

  1. To raise awareness of the range of wildlife and wildlife habitats within the local community
  2. To carry out a systematic environmental audit, liaising with some of the statutory bodies involved in environmental work in the area (e.g. Wessex Water, Natural England, RSPB, DERC)
  3. In the longer term, to involve the village in the active management of selected important local habitats (including gardens) in order to maintain and increase biodiversity.

The Group carries out regular bird surveys, and has done much work, with Wessex Water in particular, in improving and protecting the woodlands at the top of the stream, to the north of the Waterworks.

The Group has published a monthly nature notes "Newsletter" since December 2010, the latest, for July 2024 can be found here, and there is also an archive of all the previous Newsletters  The Group have also produced various more formal reports.

See the following pages for information on the wildlife types in and around the village. Recently, the Group have installed a video camera in the Wessex Water woodlands, and have captured some fascinating shots of local wildlife.

For information on activities you can get involved with follow this link