Sutton Poyntz Ltd was created for the Society in 2014, in order to hold the land now called "Top of the Pond" (historically known as the Springhead Car Park) on behalf of the village. This was necessary as the Society, as an "unincorporated body", is not legally permitted to own property.

In addition to the Top of the Pond land, Sutton Poyntz Ltd now also owns the village telephone box. To allow this to happen, the Company was converted in 2018 to a Community Interest Company (CIC). The objectives of the CIC are "to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) the protection and conservation of the beauty and environment in and around the village of Sutton Poyntz in Dorset, for the benefit of people living in and visiting the village".

Sutton Poyntz CIC is formally independent of the Society; to ensure proper control over the activities of the Limited Company on behalf of the village, the Officers of the Society are ex officio Directors of the Company, and the Society Committee members are ex officio Members of the Limited Company.

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