The village has produced three Planning Documents, which are available in the following pages.

In the past, the Sutton Poyntz Society used to submit comments on relevant planning applications, but now leaves this to individual villagers. As a service, it provides, below, a list of recent Planning Applications.

Recent Planning Applications:

The Dorset Council website has a planning application search page that (in principle) allows you to find recent planning applications. Unfortunately, it is not easy to set search criteria that will find all recent applications for Sutton Poyntz. The best way we have found is to go to the Advanced Search webpage (you will need to accept the Council conditions for using the data), and enter "dt3 6" in the Address box, plus your chosen date bracket in the "Received Valid between" boxes; this will find applications for a wider geographical area but at least does not miss any relevant applications.

The following is a list of recent applications for Sutton Poyntz - you should be able to click on the supplied links to get detailed information about the applications:

Date Application number Address Proposal Decision
30/4/2024 Licence application Field adjoining Springhead Pub Licensing application for music and alcohol  
29/2/2024 P/TRC/2024/01110 Wyndings, Plaisters Lane Fell 4 apples and 1 birch Approved
28/2/2024 P/HOU/2024/00953 Limewood, Plaisters Lane Side and rear extension  
15/2/2024 P/TRC/2023/07317 The Cottage, Puddledock Lane Reduce one beech Approved
26/1/2024 P/TRC/2024/00355 Timberline, Plaisters Lane Reduce one willow, two beeches, one rowan. Fell one rowan, one cherry, one leylandii Approved
22/1/2024 P/TRC/2024/00315 Laurel Cottage, Silver Street Fell one leylandii Approved
16/1/2024 P/HOU/2024/00250 Wyndings, Plaisters Lane Side and rear extension Approved
15/1/2024 P/TRT/2024/00211 Staddles, Plaisters Lane Fell one whitebeam Approved
27/11/2023 P/TRC/2023/06881 100 Sutton Road Reduce one bay, one cherry and one oak, and fell one ash Approved
20/11/2023 P/TRC/2023/01372 The Cottage, Puddledock Lane Crown reduce one plum tree Approved
6/11/2023 P/TRC/2023/06462 Clyffe Cottage, Plaisters Lane Crown reduce one willow, two bays, one hornbeam, one pittosporum, one maples Approved
25/9/2023 P/TRC/2023/05511 1 Cornhill Way Reduce 3 ash trees Approved
21/9/2023 P/CLP/2023/05463 114 Sutton Road Replace tiles with slate. New windows and french door. Approved
13/9/2023 P/HOU/2023/03729 11 Sutton Close Two storey extension Approved
24/8/2023 P/FUL/2023/04933 Land north of The Cottage, and west of The Puddledocks, on Puddledock Lane Change to residential, with one new 4-bedroom house Refused
10/8/2023 P/TRC/2023/04586 2 Puddledock Cottages, Puddledock Lane Pollard one ash Approved
10/8/2023 P/HOU/2023/04653 Ebenezer Cottage, Silver Street New porch at front and veranda at back. Widen back door. Repairs and renewals to garden walls and steps Approved
1/8/2023 P/HOU/2023/04190 1 Millers Close New rear wall Approved
31/7/2023 P/TRC/2023/04364 2 Sutton Court Lawns Reduce one birch Approved
27/7/2023 P/TRC/2023/04255 Greenwood House, Plaisters Lane Pollard cluster of four ashes Approved
25/7/2023 P/HOU/2023/04247 67 Sutton Road Demolish conservatory and erect single storey rear extension Approved
15/6/2023 P/TRC/2023/03401 2 Old Bincombe Lane Fell one gleditsia Approved
5/6/2023 P/HOU/2023/02203 Sutton Lodge, Puddledock Lane Solar panels on garage and house roof Approved
31/5/2023 P/HOU/2023/02927 Staddles, Plaisters Lane New shed Approved
10/5/2023 P/TRC/2023/02704 118 Sutton Road Fell one holly Approved
25/4/2023 P/TRC/2023/02407 83B Sutton Road Reduce one spruce Approved
13/3/2023 P/TRC/2023/01522 Clyffe Cottage, Plaisters Lane Fell two conifers, and reduce beech hedge Approved
13/3/2023 P/TRC/2023/01523 Felix House, Plaisters Lane Fell one conifer Approved
6/2/2023 P/TRC/2023/00685 83B Sutton Road Fell one Western Red Cedar - poor specimen and loction Approved
23/1/2023 P/TRC/2023/00404 Hawthorns, Plaisters Lane Fell one sycamore Approved