Murder most foul

Sutton Poyntz has not often got itself noticed by the London press, but an exception happened in 1862. The local Doctor employed by the Poor Union, Dr Adam Puckett, was called to house just next to the Butcher's Arms in Sutton Poyntz, to tend to a young man called John Cox, the son of paupers who had moved from Puddletown. The young man had had mental health problems but had never until now seemed violent. However he took exception to the doctor, and killed him. He then proceeded to dismember the body, and to lob body parts over the hedge into the lane outside.

John Cox was tried, but was found criminally insane under fairly new legislation, and was sent to Broadmoor as one of its very first patients. He lived there, apparently peaceably, until his death in the 1920's.