When the biodiversity Group was first set up one of the longer term objectives was to look for ways to preserve and enhance the biodiversity within the village and surrounding countryside.
This could include advising villagers on things they could do to enhance the natural history in their gardens, for example, by building a small pond.
Gardens are a particularly important part of the natural fabric of the area as they can provide important refuges for wild life during the winter that can then spread out into the surrounding countryside during the rest of the year.
Gardens frequently can also provide a much wider variety of plants than found in the open countryside which enhances the biodiversity of the area by sustaining a rich variety of insect, butterfly and moth populations.
We have also built up a close working relationship with one of the larger land owners, Wessex Water, which has opened the possibility of taking on a wider range of potentially larger projects.
Taking on bigger projects requires funding so the group has been pro-active in applying for and in several cases receiving grants to carry out the work.
The links opposite will take you to write-ups of different projects we have completed or have in hand.

Hedge restoration 2010 / 11.

Hedge restoration 2011 / 12.

Water Meadow clearance 2012 / 13