A map can be included in an ordinary Article using a special tag {gmapfp} which acts as an instruction to Joomla to display the map.

The word "gmapfp" in the tag should be followed by a set of parameters defining the map (centre location, zoom, etc.); when the page is displayed, the tag will be replaced by a map as defined by the parameters. For example the tag {gmapfp catid="87" max_choix="3" map_centre_lng="-2.42139" map_centre_lat="50.6505" zmap="15" lmap="100%" hmap="500"} will generate a hybrid (i.e. satellite plus streets) map, centred at 2.42139 degrees West, 50.6505 degrees North, at zoom level 15, in a window that is 500 pixels vertically by the full window width, with places of category number 87 (village halls) shown - see below. The most useful parameters available are as follows (see the GMapFP website for more):

  • catid - Defines the Category (i.e. group) of Places that are to be displayed by means of markers (it is also possible to display just a single Place, using the id parameter). The Category or Place is specified as an id number;
  • lmap, hmap - Defines the width and height of the map; the width can be defined in pixels or as a percentage of the available window;
  • zmap - Defines the Zoom level (1 to 18); zoom level 1 shows a whole world, zoom level 18 is the highest resolution available. If this is not specified it will be chosen automatically to display the specified Places;
  • map_choix - Specifies the type of map to be displayed; 1=Map, 2=Satellite, 3=Hybrid, 4=Terrain;
  • kml_file - Allows the contents of a KML file to be displayed on the map; the file name of the KML file is supplied in double quotes after an = sign, and should be a full URL for the file;
  • map_centre_lng, map_centre_lat - The location on which the map should be centred (if this is not provided, the centre location will be chosen automatically to display the specified Places).

This way of displaying a map does not allow a List of Places to be displayed along with the map. If that is needed, then a special GMapFP Article needs to be created.

Example map: