In order to display clickable locations on a map, it is necessary to define the location as a Place. Places can be grouped into Categories, and a map can be requested to display either a single Place or a complete Category of Places. Categories can be arranged in a hierarchy; if so, then a map can contain all Places in a Category or all Places in that Category and all sub-Categories.

Create a Category as follows:

  • In the Components menu, click GMapFP, then click Categories.
  • Click New.
  • Give the Category a Title.
  • If required, specify the Parent Category for this new Category.
  • Click Save & Close.

Create a Place as follows:

  • In the Components menu, click GMapFP, then click Places.
  • Click New.
  • Give the Place a Name and choose which Category it is a member of.
  • If required, select or upload an Image for the Place. This image will be displayed as a thumbnail with the Name when the Place is hovered over in a map. Unfortunately, GMapFP is set up so that these images must be in the folder /images/gmapfp.
  • Scroll down and use the map to set the location of the Place. The map by default will display the place in France where the software developers are from. For Sutton Poyntz, type 50.6515 and -2.4177 in Latitude - Longitude, and click the Locate coordinates button. Now zoom the map in as required, and drag the icon to the desired location.
  • Select a Marker for the Place - use one of the small coloured markers (Purple, Yellow, etc.) or one of the special icons that have been provided e.g. for Shops.
  • Scroll down again, and specify a Link for the Place; the browser will go to the specified URL when the Place is clicked on a map. The Link is typed in the box below the words "Link the place with a article or a URL". The Link can be specified as a complete URL, as an Article in the Sutton Poyntz website (using the Select a article button, or as an Anchor on the page on which the map is displayed.
  • Click Save & Close.