Until larger numbers of readers have HTML5-compliant browsers, the preferred way of showing video clips is via YouTube.

To use YouTube for movie, the steps are as follows:

  • You will need a YouTube account that you can use - at present, there is no Sutton Poyntz account, but if there is enough demand, we will create one;
  • Log in to the YouTube account, by going to www.Youtube.com and clicking Sign In. Type in the Username and Password, and click Sign In;
  • Upload the video clip to YouTube;
    • Click the Upload button;
    • Click the Upload Video button;
    • Navigate to the video file on your computer, select it, and click Open;
  • Obtain the HTML code that will allow the video clip to be played on your web page;
    • If necessary, go to My Videos, using the drop-down menu next to your Username (top right);
    • Select the video and play it;
    • Click the Embed button below the video clip;
    • Select the HTML code snippet in the text box below, and copy it into your clipboard;
  • Log in to the Sutton Poyntz website back-end, and open your page in the Article Editor;
  • Click the Source button, to view the HTML code for your page;
  • Go to where you want the video to be placed, and click the Paste button, to paste the HTML code;
  • The HTML code can be edited, for example to vary the window size for the video clip, whether it will play automatically and/or loop, and whether it can be re-sized. YouTube provides advice on the required HTML - In YouTube, go to Help and search for help on "Embedding";
  • If the clip occupies a paragraph on its own, its position can be varied using LeftRight or Centre justification for the paragraph.