If you wish, you can place a list of References on a References page, and create links to your References page from elsewhere in your website content. The References page should contain a numbered list with your References. Where you want to refer across to the Reference, put a superscripted reference number, in square brackets, as [2] . Select this reference number, with the square brackets, and create a link to the References page.

Ideally, but a little more difficult, you should create an anchor point for each Reference in the References page, and create a link direct to the Anchor point. This ensures that when you click on the reference number, the required reference will be visible on the References page - otherwise the user might have to scroll down to find the reference. To create a link direct to an Anchor point, you need to know the name you have given the anchor point, and also the name of the References page. Use the Tree Link button, find and select the References page, but then in the URL box, add a # character at the end of the URL, followed by the anchor point's name.