To create a numbered list, click the Insert/Remove Numbered List button in the Editor Toolbar; to create a bulleted list, click the Insert/Remove Bulleted List button. You can either do this to convert a line of text that you have already typed, or at the start of a new line. These buttons will convert the formatting of whatever line of text you are currently in to list format. The following is an example of a bulleted list: 

  • Converting back to normal text: You can also use these buttons to convert a list back to normal text.
  • Adding to a list: Once you are in a list, pressing the Enter key will start a new list entry.
    Adding a second line of text to a list entry: If you want to make a list entry carry over more than one line of text, like this one does, use the Shift-Enter key to insert a simple line break. This will add a second line, but without a bullet or number.
  • Finishing a list: Press the Enter key twice to finish the list.
  • Lists within lists: If you click the Increase Indent button in the Editor Toolbar, it will indent the list entry to the right, and if necessary re-start the numbering, to create a list within a list. Click the Decrease Indent button to return to the starting list level. The following is an example of a nested numbered list:
  1. Here is a numbered list
  2. Second entry
    1. Hit the Increase Indent button to create a second level of list.
      • You can insert a bulleted list inside a numbered list, or vice versa, by using the appropriate list button immediately after using the increase indent button.
    2. See the guidance on indentation for more information.
    3. Third entry at this level
  3. Click the Decrease Indent button to go back to the first level. Note that the numbering is handled automatically at each level, so this line is number 3, not 4.

Changing a list's formatting: If you point to a list, and right-click, one of the options in the context-sensitive list will be to change the properties of the list:

  • For a numbered list, you can change the type of numbering (numbers, letters or Roman numerals), and the starting number/letter.
  • For a bulleted list, you can change the bullet character.