To create a new page:

  • Either: Go to the Article Manager (via the Content menu), and click the New button;
  • Or: Click Add new article, via the Articles sub-menu in the Content menu.

This will take you into the Article Editor, as illustrated here:

Here you can set the parameters for the new page:

  • Title: Give the article a distinctive Title - this will appear at the head of the page when the page is viewed;
  • Alias: Don't enter anything here - Joomla takes care of this automatically. You can enter an alias, but it needs to follow special rules;
  • Status: Set this to "Published". The page will not actually be displayable until the final steps described below have been completed, so marking it as published at this stage before the page content is complete does not matter;
  • Category: Allocate the page to a Category, using the drop-down list. This determines where the page sits logically within the site. Different parts of the website have been given different background images, to distinguish them within the website. You will not be allowed to save the page if you select a Category that you do not have write access to;
  • Featured: Set this to "No" - our website does not use this part of Joomla;
  • Access: Set this to "Public";
  • Language: Set to "All";
  • Tags: We do not yet use Tags for this site;
  • Version Note: You can add a note if you wish in order to distinguish between succeeding versions of this page.

Some other parameters for the page are accessible in the Publishing tab, but you will not generally need to alter these. If you like, you can add your own content to:

  • Metadata description; This is text that will be displayed in a search page in e.g. Google;
  • Metadata keywords: These are keywords that Search Engines such as Google will use to find your page. See the guidance on Joomla parameters.

You can now start entering content (text, images, etc.) for the article in the editor window, and then save it using the Save & Close button. Note that you can't save the article until it has some content.

Before the page can be used, it needs to be 'published' to ensure that it displays properly, appears in the Site Map and on appropriate menus, and can be linked to from other pages. Note that at present this page publishing can only be done by a Site Administrator. Once this is done, you can create links to your page from other pages.