The Article Editor has a number of standard buttons. The following are at the top of the screen:

  • Save: Click this button to save the changes you have made so far to the article, but remain in the Article Editor;
  • Save & Close: Click this button to save changes you have made, and close the Article Editor, returning to the Article Manager;
  • Save & New; This button saves the edits you have done to the current page, but remains in the Article Editor with a new, blank, page;
  • Save as Copy; This button will create a new article, with the same name as the old one but with a slightly different Alias, and save the current contants to that new article;
  • Close: Click this button to exit the editor without saving changes to the article;
  • Help: Supplies help on the Article Editor.

In addition, the Versions button allows you to see the editing history of this page, and if necessary to go back to a previous version of the page, either to recover material that has been deleted or to remove recent edits.