The Article Editor allows you to set a number of parameters for the article:

  • Title - This will appear at the top of the displayed page, and is also how the page is identified, for example when creating links;
  • Alias - You do not need to set this - Joomla does so automatically;
  • Status - Leave as Published - the page will become visible when it is added to appropriate Menus;
  • Category - Where the article sits logically within the site;
  • Featured - Leave as No; not used in the Sutton Poyntz website;
  • Access - Leave this as Public;
  • Language - Leave as All;
  • Tags - Can be used if wished by page authors;
  • Version Note - Can be used to add information about versions of the page;

and in the Publishing tab:

  • Meta Description - This allows you to create a description that will be displayed by e.g. Google when it finds this page as part of a search.
  • Meta Keywords - This allows you to specify keywords by which the page will be found by Search Engines such as Google.