Thanks to the British Heart Foundation, the village has received a defibrillator, for use when someone suffers cardiac arrest (i.e. whose heart stops beating). The person will be unconscious, unresponsive, and either not breathing or not breathing normally.

If this happens, take the following steps:

  1. Before you do anything else, dial 999 and get an ambulance sent.
  2. If you are on your own, shout for help. If possible, get someone to fetch the defibrillator. It is at the back of the Springhead pub - see the map below. The person getting the defibrillator will need to contact the emergency services (999) to get a code to open the defibrillator cabinet.
  3. Try to do CPR. Don't worry if you don't think you can do this properly - anything you do is far far better than doing nothing.
    • First, lay the person on their back, if possible with their head slightly back; make sure their airway is open and unblocked.
    • Now kneel by the person and push down strongly and rhythmically on their chest with both hands, at a rate of about 2 pushes a second. Pushing harder is better than not hard enough.
    • After 30 pushes, stop pushing for a moment, breath in, and blow your air into their mouth to get their lungs inflated. Do two breaths like this. N.B. During the Covid19 epidemic, the BHF advise against this part of the process.
    • Repeat this process of pushing and breathing as long as you can (it's hard work), or until either the defibrillator or the ambulance arrives, or until the person starts breathing. Share the job if possible.
  4. When the defibrillator arrives, open it up and follow the instructions inside - once you have switched it on it will tell you verbally just what to do. Again, don't be nervous - the instructions are very easy and however badly you do, it will be much much better than doing nothing.


There are various documents that go with the defibrillator. The most important is the

  • Operator Manual. Page 2 tells you what you need to do to use it, but don't worry - all you need is the instruction to turn it on; after that it will tell you exactly what to do.

The other documents are:

Nearest defibrillators: