What things would you change in order to make our community a better place?

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1 Better facilities for younger children - e.g. A small playground.
Improving public awareness of the SSSI areas around the village.
2 Speed restrictions through the village - Creation of passing places on Sutton Road - possibly limited yellow lines based on road safety - and preservation of the bus service along Sutton Road.
Restriction of number of second homes so that we remain a community.
Get Puddledock Lane adopted and made up so it provides better access to the village.
Ensure retention of the pub,
3 Encourage younger families to live here by (somehow!) favouring smaller houses where there is development, and some social housing.
Some facilities for younger children - a small play area, or consideration of joining with the Springhead to enhance the current playground.
A Village Trail Map?
Measures need to be in place to conserve the outstanding areas of West & East Hill and to promote greater understanding of the importance of diversity for wildlife.
4 Some architecture from the 50's & 60's is suburban in style - excellent houses but in the wrong context. Judicious use of hedges and trees could mitigate impact.
The willows by the pond are not really suitable now they are mature. When they reach the end of their lives, replacement with smaller trees should be considered.
5 When permission for new houses to be built is granted, emphasis should be on smaller houses to encourage young families.
Play and recreational area for younger children.
Restriction on the number of holiday homes.
Keep pressure on the Council to maintain the present bus route which serves the elderly so well.
6 Restrict speed in the village to 20mph. I would extend this also up to the end of Plaisters Lane.
Sort out Sutton Road at the top end - can the bank be cut into so the road is wider?
A local shop in the village would be an asset. I realise this is unlikely but you asked.
Take hedges back on Sutton Road.
Make up & maintain all of Puddledock Lane - at least a clean walking path that is flat and above the water.
7 [See special response]
8 [See special response]
9 There is little that I would like to change except to have more input regarding types of building and numbers of houses built.
10 At present there is no area for younger children to play & let off a bit of steam (not everyone has big gardens) so 'play area' with possibly swings & slide could be an advantage families & young children moving to village.
There is a need for 'real affordable' housing, so that maybe young people brought up in Sutton Poyntz could be able to live locally still - this is probably 'pie in the sky'!
following on from this there is a real need to encourage & support any small business that could offer employment to come to the village.
11 I think that to bind the community together it is necessary to make people feel needed. One way to do this is to start business ventures as a community project. For example, encouraging those who don't work full time or stay at home parents to form a toddler group, or bakery, shared village allotment etc.
Another idea that I have recently thought about is encouraging people to check on their neighbours to make sure they don't need any errands done or maybe just a chat, this also binds a community together as it only requires limited energy from everyone to work.
12 Change the speed limit through the village.
Maintain and encourage the use of footpaths and walking routes in and around the village.
Footpath access along Puddledock Lane without encouraging more traffic.
13 Make the road safer to walk down, encourage people to exercise, meet people, reduce car use.
Discourage second home ownership as this takes away from the sense of community in the village.
Footpaths maintained well for walks in surrounding area.
14 I question the identity of 'our community'. Everyone understands the centre of the village around pub, pond and mill as the hub, but there are three limbs that spread away up Plaisters Lane, down Puddledock Lane and Sutton Road. There is a village hall facility and a number of active social activity groups as well as community events, but there are in reality different parts of this area which are not closely related.
Keeping a local bus service & depending on Preston for shops/health/school are clearly important. Stimulating social & community life in S.P. Is too, as is protecting the character of the village & its environment. Addressing traffic, parking & walking routes are big issues.
15 Not too much! We do not want to spoil what we have. Don't go too far.
Prob. an awareness that demographic of village is becoming 'older' and need to keep community lively & young(er). How? Affordable properties to mix in with existing development.
Econ./employ opps? Not sure where these could come from.
Tourist attractions on a limited scale.
* Is SP a viable neighbourhood for planning? *
16 (M) It would be a good idea to provide a pedestrian path on the Lane (Puddledock) to give better access to the village centre for pushchairs, wheel chairs and us oldies so we don't get wet shoes and feet, although children love jumping into puddles.
Also trees in the Lane [i.e. Puddledock] have destroyed views for everybody.
(F) These trees have made Puddledock Lane dark and created a feeling of claustrophobia for residents, especially in the summer.
17 [The response numbered 17 proved to be a front sheet only]
18 Fortunately, the top of Plaisters Lane deters many from using Sutton Poyntz as a rat run, but you get the impression that those that do try to make up for lost time crawling down the hill by speeding through the village.
Also this is a pleasant village to stroll around, by locals and villagers alike, what detracts from that is the steady stream of traffic and lack of footpaths.
A speed restriction of 20mph would be difficult to enforce, so traffic calming measures would be better. Not humps, but the modern way is to sow doubt in the driver's mind that the way is safe to proceed. I would suggest some footpaths that narrowed the road could be incorporated into such a scheme.
19 Community Shop?
20 I'm not sure that I would change much. If building is allowed to cover the green fields then it is destroying what people live or visit here for.
I think it is very sad that so many properties are now second homes and outpricing local people of a choice to live here.
22 Look after the village waterways and pond.
Keep hedges tidy for sight lines.
Water run-off after heavy rain in Plaisters Lane and the lower end is a potential flood area, inc Puddledock.
23 Housing and developments to reflect our area's needs - not maximizing the value of an owner's land.
Access to the village is a challenge vis Sutton Road with parked cars of residents. Is there a creative way to address this?
25 Find some suitable space for community housing and otherwise conserve the existing environment.
Consider ways in which Sutton Road might be made easier for traffic to flow safely.
Extend fibre-optics e.g. Plaisters Lane.
26 Make a 20 mph speed limit through t5he village.
Don't build on any more land.
The village should stay as it is - if its not broken don't try to fix it.
27 Make sure not too much building takes place and what does must be in keeping with the style of property in the village.
Make a 20 mph speed limit restriction right through the village.
Clean up the pond as it needs dredging.
28 I have concerns about the increased volume of traffic coming through the village and believe there should be a speed restriction, i.e. 20 mph.
Any proposed new-build should have increased parking space to avoid street parking.
I have been aware in recent times that there has been an increase in litter which needs to be addressed.
I am concerned about 'ugly' solar panels becoming an increasing issue - this is not allowed in Cotswold villages.
29 I would make the community more diverse and more representative of the general population.
I would like to see more families and young people able to settle in the village.
I would like to see the village's reputation to change - many people within and without the village view us as negative and elitist.
I would like more affordable properties for young people to rent or buy.
More facilities and businesses operating in the village providing facilities and employment and opportunities.
A forward-looking mindset - an acknowledgement that we, the current population, have a responsibility to provide a positive legacy for generations to come.
31 Nothing.
32 10-20 mph speed limit.
33 Reverse the loss of bus services (currently two a.m. and two p.m.) and assist access for the bus and other vehicles through measures to encourage more considerate parking, particularly in the area around the Cart Shed and bus stop.
Identify barriers to young people and families joining our community and seek to remove/reduce these.
Improve public hygiene through provision and frequent emptying of more litter and dog litter bins.
34 Extended b us times at both ends of the day (10-4 is limiting).
Restricted parking at bus turning point and junction near Cart Shed.
More litter and dog litter bins.
Housing development to be mainly affordable, small family homes or shared ownership with small single storey homes for older people so they don't need to leave the village when down-sizing.
35 A restriction on vans parked in residential areas (when not working).
36 Ensure maintenance of footpaths.
Develop traffic calming for Sutton Road.
A more mixed demographic balance - narrow age range at present.
Gradual small scale developments - homes for families and those who want to downsize.
37 Restricted parking by pond. Footpaths maintained. More affordable housing to attract younget people. Expand village in small developments.
38 Have a tea rooms/ small shop.
39 I believe more needs to be done to entice visitors to spend money in the village. In the summer the village is surrounded by campsites and the caravan parks are full but currently the only business that profits is the Springhead. The Victorian Street Fair shows that the village has  a lot to offer.My suggestion would be for the water works museum to be developed as a year round visitor attraction with a cafe and maybe a gift shop.This would be a far better use of the facility than catering for the occasional school trip and would provide vital seasonal employment for our young people.
40 Put a shop in the village
41 Tea rooms/ community shop. A green open space for villagers to use.
42 Try and stop speeding motorists coming down Plaisters Lane with no respect for pedestrians who have to walk in the road.
43 Some affordable housing for young families. Footpath (not road) on unmade Puddledock Lane.
44 Encouragement of younger houseowners. Hold on to our bus service.
45 1. Less large, detached houses being built - we need smaller, affordable family homes.
2. We need a larger grassed area for swings, football post, boules and seats,etc.
3. Please can some of the willow trees by the pond be pruned - this would allow the grass to re-generate + less leaves to fall into the pond. Holidaymakers could then picnic round the pond in the sunshine.
4.More grit bins,please, to throw on the icy roads (grit,not bins!)
5. Control of the number of holiday homes in the village.
46 A bigger village hall for social events. Maintenance of footpaths.
47 There is a public right of way along Puddledock Lane with paths leading into fields.The surrounding hills and countryside and linking to Brunel Drive . Safe access is not always possible due to extreme looding over the unadopted sections of this road and pathway. The deep water stops safe walking even at the sides of the pools/pathway being dangerous to pedestrians and cars. If Sutton Road is blocked access use of Puddledock Lane is vital. There is a natural drain at the western end of this lane which allows surface water to flow into a stream, but only if the short length of embankment is kept clear of debris,stones or soil. Some of the flooding is very close to property. To ensure a safe public right of way along this section of unmade road, the whole of Puddledock Lane should be adopted by the Council as part of the Neighbourhood Plan.
48 Less traffic at weekends visiting the pub. Rubbish should be picked up and put in bins around the pond and in surrounding fields. The campsite has attracted people into the village who do not respect village life and who leave gates open and rubbish. I think the campsite should pay someone everday to pick up rubbish. Make Plaisters Lane more restricted for traffic. Double yellow lines in Sutton Road on one side. Bus shelter.
49 The speed of traffic travelling through the village is often excessive. Pedestrians, including residens and visitors are often put in danger.
50 If it ain't broke - don't fix it - that's why we bought our house here.
51 More dog bins would be great.
A bus service to Dorchester.
Drivers would drive through the centre showing a little more respect to the people walking along the road, but I do get that most of them are tourists and are so busy looking that walkers are ignored, saying that i would not like the village full of road signs or speed bumps.
52 I would like to see fewer second homes and holiday lets. At least rental properties are lived in most of the time but there are now so many of the former that some areas of the village feel almost desolate.Last Christmas I walked  around the village on Christmas Day, not long before the pub opened, and saw not a soul. There was very little sign of life in what seemed to be the majority of properties, the occupants being elsewhere. I have never experienced that before. Last spring I counted nine empty properties which were holiday lets, rental, second homes or just up for sale, in the short walk between the pub and Mission Hall. If it continues we are in danger of becoming like Ringstead. I am sad that some older people have to move away in order to downsize or that some are marooned in their larger properties that they cannot sell. For many of us this has been our home for our entire married lives or longer. Building more and more large homes that are expensive and of no use to downsizing  or for younger families would not seem to me to be the solution  to the dynamics of the village.When many of us moved here there was employment in the area - Royal Navy, AUWE, Winfrith etc etc. This was  a living village  - two working farms, riding stables, an engineering works, a car body repair shop, a pub, water works and so on. Some have managed to remain or change and give a much needed air of life and vibrancy and I hope that continues. How much more development can the village sustain before it changes irrevocably and becomes no longer the place that attracts us all currently? A careful eye should be maintained on tourism. There are times, notably Sundays, when the centre of the village is actually a very unpleasant place to be, with so many cars parked around the pond, it is barely possible to see it. Even the pub landlady commented about it to my son one late night, although of course much of it is actually down to the success of the pub itself which does not have sufficient parking for busy days (dog shows,Sundays). Think how revolting certain villages in the Cotswolds are now - victims of their own success.
Traffic - The volume of traffic using Sutton Road and Plaisters Lane as a cut through seems to be increasing , particularly since Coombe Valley Road was closed for a period in August. I now rarely walk up Plaisters Lane beyond Wyndings, as I have always done in the past, as cars get ever larger and travel faster. The Echo delivery lady now also complains that it is a deeply unpleasant experience. Sutton Road is also something of a driving and walking endurance test, with many cars not having reverse gears fitted these days. Recently the single decker bus that I was on was completely brought to a halt due to the lamppost replacement programme  and some extremely inconsiderate parking (by a local) in the narrowest part of the road by the Evangelical Church. The poor driver then had to turn amongst yet more thoughtless parking and get back up the hill again. This is not rare and I dread to think what would happen should a fire service response be required within the village, as well as wondering how longer the buses can continue under such conditions.Mission Hall Lane now also seems to be much busier as more and more people use it as a short cut. On reading through many of the old newsletters of the Sutton Poyntz Society I note that none of the above are new and have been amongst the primary worries since the Society began.I am hoping that a Neighbourhood Plan will at last give everyone a formal way of addressing the concerns.
53 Easier access down Sutton Road. Big problem with traffic due to parked cars. Could bank on Sutton Road between Winslow Road and Verlands be 'cut into'/sliced to make passing easier and avoid the 'blind' spot.
54 Parking along Sutton Road needs to be addressed. There should at least be a break in the cars parked along the road to allow cars to pull in for oncoming traffic.As you drive towards the village from the main road, the curve of the bank on the right hand side means that you cannot see cars approaching from the other direction until you are alongside the parked cars. Bus drivers must be fed up with the situation and this could lead to them deciding not to run the service into the village.
55 As regards matters that can be changed at neighbourhood level not much.
Highest part of Sutton Rd has ludicrous situation with parking obstructions but this appears to be outside the SP boundary although clearly affects us.
Personal preference would be for 20mph limit in Sutton Rd & Plaisters Ln.
Garden bonfires should be strongly discouraged (am guessing they could not be made illegal) surely an anachronism in this day & age. Waste disposal (inc collection service is available to all)
56 We feel not much needs changing in the village & certainly nothing that would enhance the natural charm that already exists.
It isn’t an area that needs large industry & hopefully any changes would be sympathetic to the existing character.
59 A satellite doctors surgery.
Sheltered housing for older people to stay in the village and downsize.
Set up a help scheme (volunteer transport for the housebound).
No parking beside the Duck pond.
60 Improving traffic congestion along Sutton Rd. Better traffic measures at the top of Puddledock Lane & Seven Acres Rd.
61 Realistically the protection of the village requires the interest of the younger generation yet there is no provision for young married’s to live in the village. Low cost housing specifically (as the New Forest District Council did) or family /descendents of the villagers.
62 Improve drainage of Puddledock Lane.
Improve parking arrangements to allow a better bus service.
Open the Water Works as an attraction.
Open the mill as an attraction.
Better signposting of walks.
Improve IT/comms – even fibre -optic still slow.
Invite suitable commercial services – (bakery)
63 Ensure conservation of ‘gaps e.g. ‘donkey farm on Puddledock Ln, Plaisters Lane fields, behind old Bincombe Lane in order to Prevent SP being totally joined to Preston.
Improve bus services.
64 Settle our community in a stable situation resulting from the village plan.
Controlled development to be encouraged. Create facilities fro youngsters.
Better traffic management to provide greater safety for pedestrians.
Better provision of pavements /walkways.
65 Speed limit of 20mph throughout village. Community shop in the village.
Sports and recreational area in village ( reinstate the cricket pitch behind the Springhead.)
Allow reasonable and varied housing developments. New housing not to be too dense for the site.
Village to keep its identity and not merge into Preston.
Any developments allows 2 car parking spaces per dwelling.
Allow developments for young families. 
66 Like to see efforts to control vehicle speed. Cars /delivery vans race through village – young families, walkers, cyclists & horse riders on narrow roads- high potential for accidents. Delivery vans in particular speed down Sutton rd and fork at Cart Shed – makes vehicle and pedestrian egress from adjacent properties dangerous. Similarly Plaisters Ln.
Would be nice to think that remaining open gaps?green spaces could be better protected with some statutory designation in local plan.
The community needs younger people/families moving in but this needs sensible and sustainable developments according with requirements expressed in the plan.
67 If property was more affordable more families & younger people could live here. Would also be good to have fewer second homes.
Would like a public open space for everyone & maybe a play area e.g. part of Wessex Water field? Would be good if they would lease it to the SP Society.
Due to the proximity of shops on Preston Rd we don’t need shop or PO in village at the moment but maybe one or two micro-businesses would be good to encourage.
68 A leaflet on local walks with points of interest – available on line and from pub.
Make sure pond/ducks continue to be cared for.
Is there anywhere a meadow can be planted.
69 I would like it to become a more diverse community which probably requires the provision of more lower cost housing to attract young local people.
70 Ensure that new building is restricted to brownfield sites to help protect the heritage of the village. Housing developments should include low cost accommodation to try to ensure a more balanced demographic. Allow only developments which are sensitive, innovative and in-keeping.
71 I would like to see a village shop (perhaps organised on a community volunteer basis). I would like to see better build/design standards in the village covering materials used and construction. A village shop and larger community facility. The Mission Hall is too small and not modern enough for large village functions. Only small groups can ever attend village events.
73 Speed-calming ramps in Puddledock Lane and Sutton Road.
On-road car parking  should be confined to one side of road only.
Some privately owned trees are excessively tall, and encroach on the road.
Cleaning up litter, including dog mess, has become lax. Note lane between Mill Street and Puddledock Lane.

If I could dream there would be a little village shop, a school, and the church would be inside the village boundary.  Coming down to earth there are some areas needing improvement but I admit I don’t currently see how:
• the lack of parking around the pond for the residents – and also for the pub - even more so when it has a special event,
• the quantity and speed of traffic (mainly going between Preston and Dorchester but also some locals!) and the lack of passing places,
• the lack of dog-litter facilities (could do with a box at the exit from each footpath/walk).
• I would also like our classic country village to have some open grassland – for cricket, and for children to play.
[The following paragraphs were offered as a preamble to the heading "Topics to be included in the Plan or not":]
What does it mean to include a topic in the plan?  If we leave a topic out because we already have what we need, would it mean we wouldn’t feel its loss if a planner bulldozed it away?  Conversely if we’re not currently affected much by a topic, what if a planner decided to impose something on us?  It might be argued that it’s all covered by ‘Planning’ but I don’t think that’s correct.
I have mentioned some examples below that might have a big impact on the village but never go before a Council Planning committee as the main topic – but everything’s inter-related.  If Vodafone declared they would never provide 4G (or 5G) to this area we’d all feel the impact on our quality of life – and on our house prices - but it wouldn’t be the subject of a planning application.
Does the Neighbourhood Plan only get used when there is a Planning issue?  I’d like it to be a document we refer to for anything that impacts us.  Consequently I’m pretty convinced we have to include all the listed topics – and I hope others have thought of some things we have missed.  (Maybe we can plagiarise the other available Neighbourhood Plans?)

75 Small coffee/tea venue with home-baked "goodies". 20mph speed limit. Sportsground/playing field for youngsters.
76 A 20 mph speed limit from the bend by Dorothy and Simon's cottage on Plaisters Lane to Puddledock Lane.
Limit housing development to roughly the current built boundary so as to avoid sprawl.