Type of issues to be addressed under this heading:

Return number Response
1 Maintenance of bus service
2 Preservation of the bus service
3 The bus service to be maintained - it's a life line for many
4 Preservation of bus service should be a priority, and may need consideration to be given to additional growth and affordable housing.
Ways should be sought to improve the walkability of Puddledock Lane, without making it more drivable.
No need for a pavement along Sutton Road, but a 20 mph limit could be considered.
5 Maintain the present Bus Service.
6 Speed limit.
Bus service.
8 Chronic! We have a narrow lane through the village (single vehicle width in places) without pedestrian or cycle way.
e.g. I was cycling into the village along Sutton Road and a bus and cars were blocking the way trying to pass each other. A pedestrian let alone a cyclist could not get past. The top of the bus made contact with and scraped past a lamp post damaging both.
We should not be surprised when the bus company announces that it can no longer provide a village service. What about the many village residents who depend on the bus service?
There seems to be a complete disconnect between our planning department and the highways authority. Our planners are giving permission for more housing developments with little if any regard to the desperate need for off road parking.
12 Traffic through the village.
Bus service.
Parking along Sutton Road.
13 Traffic use on narrow lanes.
Speed of traffic.
Parking on Sutton Road.
Effective bus service.
14 Keeping bus service.
Addressing speed & parking issues.
Improving the footpaths network.
15 Imp. To ensure pub transport available. Is present bus sustainable? (4 is to Seven Acres/Preston)
17 [The response numbered 17 proved to be a front sheet only]
19 Maintain bus service
20 Keeping a bus service.
Dropping speed limit in Plaisters Lane.
22 Important. I do not drive and rely on the bus service.
Cars parking should respect bus turning area.
Silver Street sign to be replaced.
23 Very important to the under 20 years and over 75 years.
26 Include.
27 Include.
29 Protection and development of public transport links, car sharing, bicycle lanes.
30 Maintaining the bus route.
Enforceable 20 mph speed limit through the village.
31 Include
32 Hatched passing-bay on the bend in Sutton Road and a maximum 20 mph speed limit in Sutton Road and Plaisters Lane.
33 Bus service, parking.
34 Bus service, parking, speed of traffic.
35 Bus service.
Concern over parking and access.
36 Maintain bus service.
37 Make sure we keep bus route
40 More buses running into the village
42 include
43 include
46 Keep the bus into the village.
48 All of the above headings as listed are important.
49 Keep a bus service in the village.
50 Bus service - we need to keep one.
51 Probably all of them as they affect living every day but particularly Land use and Conservation, Housing and Planning, Transport.
52 Volume ans speed of traffic (especially through traffic), parking, future of bus service (even the singe deckers are experiencing extreme difficulties at times).
53 1) Transport - Please keep the bus route into Sutton Poyntz
54 It is important to keep some form of public transport as there is an elderly population who may rely upon this when they are unable to drive.
55 Maintaining a bus service is desirable for those without their own transport and particularly some older folk for whom Preston Rd is a difficult walk.
59 Bus service must be kept at a reasonable service
60 Ensuring the bus route continues.
61 A satellite GP surgery. How difficult it is for widows with health issues to make the journey to the surgery without transprot
62 Protect bus services.
63 Better bus services.
66 Speeding vehicles 20mph speed limit.
Keep bus links.
67 We need to keep the bus
68 Ensure current bus service is kept and not reduce.
Ensure roads are kept in good condition and free of pot holes.
69 20 mph speed limit in the village
70 Speed throughout the village should be limited to 20mph.
73 Full size buses use Sutton Road this can be a problem with parked cars. Is it possible to use small size feeder buses?
74 Certainly needs to be included within the Plan.  The current bus service is under constant threat and the service level reduces a little every year.  A village without a bus service is a good way to help it die.  Traffic is a whole other subject and my comments in the preceding sections say what I feel.
76 Preservation of the bus service.