The Dorset Council website has a planning application search page that (in principle) allows you to find recent planning applications. Unfortunately, it is not easy to set search criteria that will find all recent applications for Sutton Poyntz. The best way we have found is to go to the Advanced Search webpage (you will need to accept the Council conditions for using the data), and enter "dt3 6" in the Address box, plus your chosen date bracket in the "Received Valid between" boxes; this will find applications for a wider geographical area but at least does not miss any relevant applications.

The following is a list of recent applications for Sutton Poyntz - you should be able to click on the supplied links to get detailed information about the applications:

Date Application number Address Proposal Decision
3/5/2022 P/TRC/2022/02810 89 Sutton Road Fell dead cotoneaster  
11/4/2022 P/LBC/2022/02284 109 Sutton Road Erect glazed hardwood timber conservatory  
11/4/2022 P/TRC/2022/02461 True Blu, Plaisters Lane Fell birch - large cavity, canker and dieback Approved
17/3/2022 P/TRC/2022/01776 21 Old Bincombe Lane Holly - light shape and reduction Approved
15/3/2022 P/TRT/2022/01512 Springhead Pub Cupressus - fell to avoid damage to property Approved
14/3/2022 P/HOU/2022/00907 St Briavels, Silver Street Convert loft into living accommodation with new windows/rooflights. Solid roof for conservatory. Approved
2/3/2022 P/TRC/2022/01362 17 Old Bincombe Lane Cedar - Fell, causing damage to building & poor form Approved
24/1/2022 P/TRC/2022/00420 63 Sutton Road Willow - Crown reduction, reduction of one lateral, & remove deadwood Approved
19/1/2022 P/TRC/2022/00272 Greenwood House, Plaisters Lane 4 ash - Repollard back to previous points Approved
29/11/2021 P/TRC/2021/05090 Rose Cottage, Silver Street Fell one pear Approved
15/11/2021 P/TRC/2021/04739 Overdale, Plaisters Lane Felling of 8 trees (2 elms, one greengage, one robinia, 3 cherries, one birch) Approved
10/11/2021 P/HOU/2021/04042 97 Sutton Road Installation of solar panels to main roof. Conversion of garage to annex and erection of a garden room Approved
8/11/2021 P/TRE/2021/04591 2 Sutton Court Lawns Re-pollard one eucalyptus Approved
4/11/2021 P/TRC/2021/04520 Wessex Water Waterworks Coppice 48 hazels Approved


Sutton Farm Puddledock Lane Weymouth Dorset DT3 6LZ Four-bedroom farmhouse - Variation of condition 1 - removal of agricultural occupancy condition Approved


4 The Puddledocks Puddledock Lane Weymouth Dorset DT3 6LZ T1 Mixed Hedge - Reduce by up to to 6-8 ft - maintenance/light T2 Elm - Reduce height by 2 - 3m & balance - maintenance T3 Self Seeded Elm cluster x 3 - Fell Approved


69 Sutton Road Sutton Poyntz Weymouth Dorset DT3 6LN T1 Conifer - Fell - dying Approved


2 Sutton Court Lawns Weymouth Dorset DT3 6LH T1 Birch - Reduce height by up to 2m & sides by up to 1.5m - maintenance Approved


1 Malt Cottages Puddledock Lane Weymouth Dorset DT3 6DL Erect single storey rear extension following the demolition of existing lean-to, formation of front and rear dormers Approved


Greenwood House Plaisters Lane Weymouth Dorset DT3 6LQ T1 Acacia - Fell - severe die back and falling debris Approved
11/06/2021 P/TRC/2021/02064 East Brookmead 1 Brookmead Close Weymouth Dorset DT3 6RS T1 Gleditsia - Fell - outgrown location T2 Ash - Fell - die back T3 Conifer - Cut down top by 3.5m leaving a height of 3.5m - maintenance Approved
01/06/2021 P/TRC/2021/02010 Barleycorn Cottage Puddledock Lane Weymouth Dorset DT3 6DL (A) Conifer x 3 - Fell - outgrown location (B) Pittosporum - Reduce to a height of approx 4m (approx 1m above main unions) - outgrown location (C) Conifer - Fell - outgrown location (D) 2 x Trees & Shrubs - Fell - outgrown location Approved
28/05/2021 P/HOU/2021/01892 St Briavels Silver Street Weymouth DT3 6LL Erection of front and rear dormers Refused